October 27, 2010

Home again!!

As I was saying, we landed and it was just 30 degrees. A little bit of a shock to our systems, after being well into the 80s. We were all pretty tired too, ok I was really tired. Especially since I got about 30 minutes of sleep on the airplane. So I lay down with Two, who slept with me for awhile, she woke up and left and T-Rex took her spot and slept for quite awhile, like four hours.

I could of slept longer but I heard my son, the oldest talking about fire and matches. So I got up, and he asked if he could lite a fire since it was so cold. So I helped him, well not really, I supervised him start a fire. Lots of smoke but not too bad, though we had to open some windows which seems to defeat the purpose. But it was fun to have a fire and the kids sat at the table and colored and finished writing in their journals and some other homework.

And in case you all think I forgot, because I didn't, not totally, just took some time. But I did a drawing with all my wonderful travel blog comments, and the winner is............

Lynnette, who lucky for me lives near by, and should of found a box of chocolates on her porch door this evening. If you haven't yet, it is there :)

Thanks again for the comments, and I am glad to be home for the most part. Seeing that this morning we totally woke up late, like 8:15 and school starts at 8:20.  But we all made it, a little late, but we made it.

Though I have to say, one of the hardest things to adjust now is my hunger clock, seems that we all woke up not hungry because we weren't used to "eating at this time" as G said. I am sure we will adjust. Now if I can get the kids to bed before 11 tonight. 

Off to tell them to sleep for the 100th time!!!

Day 13: The final Day :(

The final day came to quickly. I just really wasn't ready to go home. However Bee mentioned on Sunday that she was ready to go home and go back to school. Which getting her report card of all 95% plus I guess she really does like it!

The whole trip the kids were dying to go out on the ocean, in a kayak, so for the last day, probably not the best day to do it, since it was very windy. The cloudy was nice, but wind not so much. But we rented them, and paddled down the canal and dragged the boats over sand, to the ocean. Two, G and I were in one boat, and Eric, T-Rex and Bee, were in the other. Eric helped my crew up and out, but he and the little kids, had a hard time. He got in and the wave knocked him out and the boat over. The scary part was me watching as the boat was totally upside down. I rowed in and decided that the waves were to crazy for us to go out on shore. And the lifeguard that came to our rescue, said we probably shouldn't be doing that with our young kids. So we decided to go down the canal, to the lake. However it took some convincing to get T-Rex in. After we rowed the calm waters, we headed back to the ocean, where Eric took G out for a bit and then I took him out for a bit. It was a lot of fun. Especially riding the waves back in.

T didn't want to give his spider man life jacket back. He has even asked me today if he could go get it back.
 After our time in the boats, we headed to Buzz's for some local grub.

Then back to the condo, where the kids and dad went swimming while I packed their back packs.  We had a family home evening, and off to the airport. The kids were so tired. It was a little after 7 but since we had been in Hawaii they were going to bed around that time. I did everything I could to keep them awake so they would sleep the whole plane ride. And it worked. T-Rex was asleep before all the passengers were seated. The rest were there shortly after. And we were on the non stop direct flight so yeah no transfer!

We arrived and it was cold!!

day 12: running into friends

I think by far the highlight of Sunday, was sitting in church and seeing the Day family walk in! It was kind of funny because Alicia had written on her blog about there first trip to Hawaii. So I commented back asking where they were. Turns out they had arrived the night before in Oahu. I told her to call me when we got done with church, because our kids were going to be in our old ward's program and that was all we had planned for the day.

You can imagine my surprise when of all the wards in Hawaii they could of gone to, they were at ours, well not ours but the same one.  We chatted and made plans to meet later, to watch the sunset from a high point in town. They got a little lost, but were able to meet up and then get some frozen yogurt after. The shaved ice place we wanted to take them to was closed.

The kids woke up and made us some pancakes. They turned out pretty good.

The sun starting to set.

View of Honolulu, Waikiki and Diamond Head.

And the day wouldn't be complete with out including our friend, dad's coworker Dave. Eric has invited him a couple of times to join our family in our activities. However he hadn't been able to make it. So we were thrilled to have us join us. However I am not sure how much fun he had, because the kids seemed to drill him all night. But thanks Dave for joining us, the kids had a blast. I mean they chose to sit with you over me, during frozen yogurt, actually got up from my table and went to sit with him!

October 24, 2010

Day 12: I love to see the Temple!

The Laie Temple, closed when we left in 2008 to be remodeled. And happen to open this weekend for its open house. So we took the family out to see one of the oldest modern day temples. It was truly gorgeous. After we came out, and got the cookies and water that they serve. G looks up at us and says "mmmmmmmmmm these cookies were totally worth the drive....and umm...the good feeling inside too." He later talked to us about how good he felt in side the temple. Truly an amazing spirit inside.

The view from the top of the temple down to temple beach.

 After the temple open house, we drove down the street to the Polynesian Cultural Center. A few days ago, back when we went to Dukes for dinner, we ran into a senior couple missionaries. We talked with her for awhile, and turns out she is from our neck of the woods. Anyway long story short, she gave us her cell and we were able to get her employee discount to get into the PCC. It saved us a ton of money! Thank YOU!! Sister Haugen!!  The first stop after calling the missionaries to meet us and get us in, was the airbrush tattoo lady.  She gave us a little family discount and all the kids got a tattoo. Which through out the day they added too with temporary ones, well more temporary ones, at all the villages.

To quote G "its a one in a thousand chance I got picked the first time a few years ago, but to get picked a second time is like a 1 in a million chance, and if the next time I come I get picked again...that would be like a one in a gagillion chance right?"  When we were here in 2008 our first visit to the PCC G was chosen to try the coconut juice, and once again  he was chosen. This time though he drank almost all of it.

We learn to weave fish.

learning or trying to start a fire by rubbing sticks together.

the fish! the girls kept feeding them and the fish just practically jumped out of the water.

trying to catch a fish.

watching the boat parade of islanders.

G caught a fish. And two said "all this is coming back into my mind"  I guess she remembered being at the PCC.

My caged babies!  Two actually commented remembering taking a picture here last time, which she is right. Hopefully this will stay in their minds for a long time, because I don't know when we will be back.

We ate dinner at the buffet and then headed to the night show. I always love the night show, and they started a new one this year. Really well done and lots of fire knife show in it.

Day 11: Friday Sea Life Park

Since we lived here in 2008 and I have been a fan of Fifty First Dates I have wanted to visit Sea Life Park. It never happened and I worked really hard to make it happen this time. Eric woke up early and took the kids to Sams to get some things for the warehouse, and some donuts. When they were done they picked me up and we headed to the beach park and enjoyed some early morning sun and donuts. The kids had a blast feeding the birds. Then we headed to Goodwill to find me some long sleeve shirts to cover up my rashy arms. And to get the boys some white shirts for church, since it was their primary program and they were participating in it. Then we headed to Sea Life park. If you have been to Sea World its not too big and exciting, but the dolphins were amazing, and the closeness to the sea turtles and other animals was quite remarkable.

Feeding the Sea Turtles

Some where there is an E turtle, that stands for Emily, and she is the oldest sea turtle they have at 82 years. There is also a K one that stands for Kiki, like our aunt :)

This is a whalphin, one of two a the park, and I believe the only ones in captivity....or in the world.

In the air, they were quite amazing. wish i had my longer lens on.

This little guy, loved the ball, slash buoy, he seemed to be trying to throw it to the kids.

The sea lion came right by the kids. They were in awe.

oh look a cute couple!

The kids favorite part of the day, when their parents sitting out of the splash zone, were totally splashed, as the waters flew over the splash zone and landed in their laps. 

Puffy Star fish, i am sure it has a more scientific name, but it is pretty cool. When Eric and I went scuba diving a few years ago, I actually held one in the wild.

Sea Life park is truly nestled beautifully between the hills and the sea side.

After the park, we headed some where...but for some reason two days ago, was a long time ago.....asking everyone and they seem to not remember either. Two says we went to a restaurant....and we could of...that is right we headed to Shokuedo, for happy hour. The kids sat at the bar and drank Shirley Temples and had lots of Pupus....and the best honey toast. I have to find the pictures from my phone, but the honey toast was so tasty!!

Then to home we went. Where we almost all fell asleep, except for me, t-rex and two, we walked down to the beach and watched the evening fireworks and came home to bed.

Day 10: Thursday...avoiding the sun

I mentioned that on Wednesday I had sun poisoning, if I didn't well I did. It is/was horrible. By Thursday morning my arms were so swollen, bumpy, itchy and oozing that I really couldn't handle one more day in the sun. So I tried to find a way to avoid it. So we went for a walk. I know not the best way to avoid the sun, but we stayed in the shade.
The kids and I headed down the street towards the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Usually we just walk through the village, heading towards the beach. Where we seemed to hang out almost everyday this week. Instead we stopped like the good tourists and took pictures as we headed towards their penguins.

Two decided to do a little hula on the bridge with the amazing statues. She was cute, and several other tourists noticed her, stopped, smiled and photographed her as well. She actually has a pretty good Tahitian hip swing thing going on.

So we noticed the natural beauty of flowers. Bee was good enough to stop and pose next to this pretty yellow hibiscus (don't know how to spell it and don't think spell check knows what I am trying to spell)

G-Man picked it, and I told him since he did he had to take a picture with it in his ear. He really wanted to bring it back home to his friends, but I told him it wouldn't make the trip. Which is why we aren't suppose to pick the flowers, so everyone can enjoy.

So while we were at it, we decided to get everyone with the flower. Isn't she too cute?

This is T-Rex's smile, I think....but some how the flower just didn't want to stay in his ear. looks kind of sad, doesn't it.

And we make it to the penguin tank, see any? We counted a total of 8. And there were 9 turtles in the water too.

There they are, see any turtles?

Our walk led us to the army museum, free and air conditioned and in doors. Minus the few retired tanks and large army weapons. 

next to a large cut out.

G-Man looking at the money that was current during the war, leans over to me and says "is this the money you used as a child?"

I couldn't finish our walk off with out winding back through the Hilton village to see, as what T-Rex refers to it as "the large duck."  This little goose or swan is on his own in a pond full of fish and mini lobsters.  Anyway every day we walk by this guy, and so today I photographed him. G put his hand out and the goose almost bit his fingers off. They really aren't the friendliest of animals.

Well we came back for some lunch and a swim. Then Eric took off work early and came home around 2 and took the kids to the beach for the rest of the day, while I napped. 

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