March 31, 2008

Monday Mumblings

As part of a prompt writing group, we get a little prompt and are to free write for 10 minutes. This morning's prompt was on pushing you can read what I wrote here: Monday's Prompt: Pushing. Anyway it got me thinking even more about a bunch of random things and well I decided I would start what I call Monday Mumblings...

Many times people respond to me with "what" because I mumble and it is usually things I just don't really want them to hear but things that pop out of my head and out my mouth faster than I can really think, though I must think because I mumble rather than say it clearly anyway so on to my
Monday Mumblings:

1- I don't like having my house listed and on the market....I love having my house clean but at the same time it turns me into the wicked witch of the East and I just get so frustrated when one little thing is out of place. And it isn't like the house is showing every day but just the threat and the possibility that at a 15 minute notice an agent can show up. And heaven's knows I don't want to be running around cleaning it then.

2- I am tired of kids wetting beds...I just don't want to wash sheets, because that would mean I have to fold the clothes in the drier and then they'd be on the coffee table and I don't feel like putting away clothes but can't have them out down stairs because of number one.

3. As much as I love to eat, I am so sick of food and having to eat and feeding kids. and then cleaning up the kitchen and well back to number 1.

4. I love that T-rex is crawling and social with his siblings but I wish some days he would just stay in one spot. He really likes to put things in his mouth and I can't count the number of times he has put something in mouth. If you'd like to see a day in the life of T-rex's mouth check out this blog entry click HERE.
Last night he choked on some candy wrapper. And then he wanted to sleep. He slept all night and when I woke up I ran into his "man cave" and had to touch him to make sure he was still alive. He was!

5. I was so happy with an achievement of mine. I have been walking with the kids, but have the biggest desire to be a runner click here number 4- anyway this last week, while walking the kids, two times I decided to jog a little for about a straight 1/2 mile. I was really proud of myself. I mentioned it to a friend who I'd thought would be happy for me, because it has been something I have been really trying to do, but with two kids in a stroller and two walking besides me, doesn't leave much room for me to get much jogging in. So both times I did the oldest two were running besides me...anyway so I mentioned this to a friend, and she was like "oh that was what all of five minutes..." well yeah I know not much but it is better than the none that I was doing. I am proud of myself and will try to do more jogging with my walking this week, maybe I'll make the kids take their bikes. Better would be to find a time with out kids, but I am not fond of waking up early and going in the dark by myself, but if anyone would like to join me I'd be game.

6. I really really want our house to sell. And I really really would love to see our dear friends' houses as well as my in-laws to sell. Eric and I just pray it happens soon for all of us. We thought of a great April Fools joke we'd have our agent help us write up fake contracts on their houses and then realized that would just be mean rather than funny.

7. I love Easter candy but need to throw it out rather than eat it. But the kids like it, and I feel guilty getting rid of it but need to because I shouldn't be eating it. Wish I had more control over my personal eating.

8. Did I mention that last night was the first night I slept from 10:30-6:30 in I don't know like a YEAR or more!! It felt so good. I have to say I know B came into bed with us but I barely budged. It felt so good to sleep and I seem to be a much "better" mom today.

9. We are off to the Library but first I have to make beds and make the house "show ready." For what??? most likely a no show but if I don't then of course someone will show up, Murphy's law.

10. I keep trying to edit my font size and it keeps making it large!!!!!!!!!


Spar-Mar Girl said...

Congrats on #5!!!!! That's exciting! That's exactly how I started out too-now if I could just keep at it a little better..... I'm impressed you're doing it with your kids-what a great activity to do together! I'm not nearly so brave.

I love the 'mumbling monday' idea-you have such an easy to read writing style.

We're keeping our fingers crossed on selling your house too!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry it came out like that. i don't mean to be such a crummy friend. i didn't mean i wasn't happy for you. i felt bad you weren't able to do more. its horrible trying to exercise with kids and feeling like you never really get going.

Yvonne said...

I love this Monday Mumblings--great idea.

I feel for you and having the house listed--those are some of my worst times. It is so hard to always be on guard--especially when you have little ones. Like you, it is wonderful to have the house clean, but that fear that the phone is going to ring or just having someone drop in.

Congrats on the run--way to go!!! Who cares how long it is--it's a start.

How wonderful that you got a full 8 hours sleep.

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