March 19, 2008

Out of the Mouth Of Greg

I have to say one of the best things about our trip to Utah has been the time I have been able to spend with my kids, my cousins, siblings, parents, well you get the picture our family. But by far the greatest has been having little Gregory around since he is in school so much of the day. He has been a lot of fun and I just really enjoy him. Not that I don't enjoy the other kids, but I have missed Gregory while at school.

Anyway he has just said some great things:

Today while we were at Carls Jr, with my sister and my cousin, he came running up to me, and put his arms around me and said "This is the best day ever." Now mind you he said that about three or four, or almost every day these past two weeks while we were visiting with people. But today I just had to smile, knowing that he is really having a wonderful time being around so many people that really love him.

He also lost his second top front tooth. He just couldn't be more excited. He had to inform us that he hoped the tooth fairy would know where he was. He left his tooth out and in the morning found a note. He read it and said "The tooth Fairy said this was the greatest tooth ever! I have the bestest teeth around."

Tonight I was feeling a little overly emotional about the selling of our house, not to go into much detail but we will be barely breaking even on the house, which I knew, but saw things in print and was saddened by the fact that the realtors will be taking home thousands more than us...anyway...Gregory heard my conversation with my parents and said "Mom it's ok, you can have all my money from my wallet...if we can find it...and all the money the tooth fairy gave me and then you can buy another house." I sure wish the ten plus dollars he has hidden in his wallet with the 1.50 from the tooth fairy would help us be able to purchase another home.

He is just so kind and tender hearted.

Another funny thing he said before this trip. After I finished painting our gameroom, and had it all decorated. He said "Wow mom this is so beautiful it looks just like one of your Heritage Makers' books." So I guess the room in his eyese looked like a scrapbook page? Anyway I know it was the most wonderful compliment he could give me.


yonnie said...

He sounds like such a wonderful child. Such wonderful comments. I'm glad you are enjoying your time with him (and everyone else, too)

(Selling a house can be so frustrating)

Sheri said...

Hey friend,
I am sad we didn't meet up while you were in town, but want to wish you safety on your travels home.
I am sure Gregory has loved being with you too!
i know exactely how you feel about your house... we made $0 on ours but go refunded $500 after taxes!! I know this will all work out for you and that you will continue to enjoy your adventurous life!!
Love ya... maybe our good fortune is just around the corner and we can come visit you in Hawaii!! If not, see you when you get back!

Patricia- Digiheaven Designs said...

I'm so glad you are getting this quality time with Greg. That is so sweet of him to say those things.

Aly Allred said...

What a sweetheart. We miss you guys already. They were such a joy to have around. Timmy is so cute and so little. I have gotten so used to picking up and carrying around my tanks! Thanks for taking the drive out here. Realtors are punks! With the exception of myself (as I made -$850 last year with licensing dues, babysitters, etc...) and Dan, most are leaches-in my opinion! YOur Realtor better give you a fancy thank you present! Maybe half his commission...

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