March 18, 2008

I'd like to thank HGTV

Let's back up to March 2005 when I got put on bed rest with Emily. Eric thought that since I was going to be laying in bed for two months or more, and my vision was such that I couldn't focus to read, that we should put a TV in the master as well as get satellite TV. I was a little opposed to the idea, because I feel that there is no need for TV in the room, nor paying for more shows than one could ever watch in a lifetime. I gave in pretty easily and became sucked into my new TV world.

I discovered HGTV! And became a huge fan of all their design shows, especially ones involving selling and buying of houses, to name a few Designed to Sell and House Hunters. I believe that not only did these shows fill the many hours of boredom but totally educated me. I know that a good education comes from attending a four year university, I have a degree in education, which anyway.....but I believe that I have become fully educated in what to do to prepare your house to sell. I'd go as far as to say, I have a four year degree...I mean I have continued to watch these shows, got put on bed rest again, for the last four years. This must count for something?

Ok so anyway as you know we have been preparing the house to sell, and it has been a huge headache. But I have been filling my mind with these shows, and wanted so much for my house to be as close as possible to all the things they suggest on the shows. I am not gloating ok maybe a little, but after our house was on the market for 4 days we got two offers! :) I fear saying anything because knowing me and my luck they will fall through, but I have to say TV paid off for me...or it could be possibly be that this is really what we are suppose to be doing at this time, or that we have an awesome agent- which if you are in the Austin area I would totally recommend. But I really feel that watching these shows helped me to know what I should do.

Though looking at the home and its pictures, I realize that leaving Eric alone with the final touch ups might have been not my best idea, seeing that picture frames are laying down, the entertainment center piece is falling off and some other things I'd move for the photos but over all I am excited on what we did with the house.

I'd also like to thank Leslie, Michele, Vanessa and Shawna for helping me with cleaning, organizing, packing, moving and everything else y'all have done in helping me get the house ready. I also have to thank Greg and Sheri for helping us with lots of stuff while they were "vacationing" in Austin. And I can't forget Eric for all his hard work as well as his patience with me as I was trying to make everything so "Perfect"

Here's a link to our house listing: HOME

I am still in Utah and waiting on the car to be fixed. Kids are having a blast visiting with all our cousins and friends. Wouldn't mind moving here.


Spar-Mar Girl said...

Wow! Two offers already! That's great!!!!! So your trip here wasn't for naught! congratulations! I hope everything comes together and goes off without a hitch!!!! And we're still ready to play with y'all if you have time!

Yvonne said...

How great to get two offers already-good for you.

Glad you're having a good time in Utah.

Ashley said...

I must say...HGTV is the best. Two offers is great! I feel the same way about Utah. I think I should move there since we travel there at least once a month.

Sheri said...

Are you accepting either offer? That would be amazing!!

katharine said...

wow, congratulations! i hope things work out just right for you. are you ever coming back??

Aly Allred said...

Don't move here!!! We are praying to get out. The dead cold winters and blasted, bloody hot summers last forever...there are not trees, no greenery, just plain old ugly desert. The only nice thing is that you can walk to church.

Jana said...

I love how you "staged" your home...see I watch the same shows as you! LOL! And to get 2 offers! Wow! Hope everything works out great for you and the fam!

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