March 26, 2008

10 or So Things I learned about myself while traveling

So its a long title and well just not too sure how to sum up my latest adventure of traveling. I feel so behind and feel like there is so much to write and tell, but man who wants all the boring details. So here is the list of things, and as usual in no particular order other than what pops into my mind, and hopefully I will be able to finish this time with out a Realtor saying they are coming over to see the house, which is what happened to me earlier this morning and lets just say I had some cleaning up to do and sometimes 30 minutes isn't enough time, I mean I have four kids! And I am tired and lazy :), ok and totally distracted. So here you go:

1. I would not make a great single parent.

2. I really don't like visiting people, well that isn't phrased just right, but I really don't like driving to different houses everyday and hanging out at different homes everyday.

3. I am a home body, would rather have people come visit me.

4. I am a little bit of a medium, not size though people did comment on my "smaller" size, but you may remember a blog awhile back about those dreams I was having of driving my car and not being able to stop...well yeah that is what my car wreck was like. I saw the gal turn left in front of me, and I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could and just couldn't stop. I saw her little red car, her daughter in the back seat, and just prayed they would be ok and that they would be able to speed up and out of my way. But nope I hit them and they did a 180. But luckily everyone is ok, other than the bump on the back of Emily's head and the fact that the car took almost two weeks to be fixed.

5. I still don't like going to the dentist even if it is my brother in law and he doesn't yell at me for not having a big mouth.

6. I don't like the drive from Texas to Utah, not in a car, nor in a bus, or in a train. I do not like it!

7. My memory is warped: hotels are not fun!

8. I love my family but sometimes a little distance is nice.

9. My kids are wonderful my parenting just sucks!

10. I can live off of little to no sleep and am not too horrible of a person to be around.

11. I come from a wonderfully quirky amazing perfect family.

12. There are a lot of rabbits on the highways between New Mexico and Texas, and I enjoyed seeing every single one.

13. I love Air Supply and forgot that they were my favorite band, and still know all the words to all their songs...."the beating of my heart is a drum and its lost and looking for a rhythm like you..."

14. I don't like it when other people change the music or radio station in my car.

15. I am not very talkative.

16. I'd really like to live in Utah near family but maybe in like St. George or Moab.

17. I stress too much staying in someone else's house and got more rest driving straight for 26 hours than I did for the two weeks staying with my parents.


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I know what you mean about staying with others. I think if we ever moves to Texas it would be to San Antonio. It is also always great to be home. I am also not looking forward to the drive in 2 months, should be nice and long.

Yvonne said...

It's always fun to visit, isn't it!?! A little distance is nice. I do love visiting people, but not going to a different house EVERY DAY!

I loved #9 ; )

So glad you had a great time, but again, sorry about the accident. Just glad everyone is o.k.

pecas said...

I agree about stressing out in someone else's house. I really dislike to go visit for that reason. I think you talk enough.

Cheryl Anne said...

Sounds like too much excitement for one trip! I, too, would rather stay home. My poor kids have no stories to tell about Spring Break.

Bates Family said...

I totally know how that is!!! I love your new layout very cute! Hope all is well!!

Aly Allred said...

I agree, that if you were to move to Utah, move to St George, but not Wasatch front. Distance always makes the heart grow fonder, but more like distance helps family get along better... I would like you as a neighbor though, but hope to be leaving one day soon too.

Anonymous said...

Just read your comment on my blog--holy. crap. I can't believe you SURVIVED that pregnancy! I was thinking the other day how if I had gotten strep while I was pregnant that seriously would have been it for me, I would have taken the delicious poison Kool-Aid for sure. You are a walking miracle!!

Also I totally commiserate with wanting to be closer to family but distance is better... I am currently struggling with that right now. We just moved to Arkansas last May and I miss my family SO much...but I am slowly realizing that if we lived in Utah still my mom and grandma would be all over my face over my parenting skills (or lack thereof.) This way I can make my own mistakes, learn from them, and move on instead of rehashing it at every get together.

Long random comment over, and I am totally adding you to my blog roll. If that is okay.

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