March 05, 2008

Oh I do love you!

So...have you noticed I like to start my blogs off with so...anyway. I discovered last night that I really am not a great single mom. I have had Eric traveling in the past, at one point in our marriage he worked in Indiana for six months and before that a year in San Antonio....so I am used to him being gone...well should say was used to him being gone. It has been a little while since he has traveled, and top it with trying so hard to make my house perfect and well top that with not enough sleep, swollen shins, sore neck and you get one heck of a cranky lady.

Last night we finished dinner, and I realized we didn't do Gregory's homework. While he was reading, Timmy was screaming, Emily was crying and Bethany was wanting me to do something for her. I was being pulled in four different directions and was hoping Gregory would finish pretty quick. However he is in the stage of 1st grade where they read picture novel books, that even I don't like to read to my kids before they go to bed because they are too long. So after 30 minutes of sounding out words and crying children, I had enough. So off to the tubs. I figure I can clean up later.

And tubs for some reason can never be as quick and easy as I think they might be. Soap in the eyes, baby falling down almost drowning, more water on the floor than in the tub...you know fun tub time. Of course I have to diaper two but for some reason the older two want me to dress them as well. I don't have enough hands or patience to do so. But give in after the several minutes of whining. Kids are finally all in their pjs, and mind you the dishes are still all over the table and counters need to be washed...and the load of laundry I started to fold is still on the couch, and my room is still disheveled after me painting the night before.

The kids get a second wind and are jumping around and all over the place. I try to nurse T-man to get him settled while the wild beasts are parading through the game room. T-man falls asleep, sort of but goes into his crib screaming. Emily informs me that he is crying. I assure her I know and that he will be ok.

At this point, I am tired, cranky and DONE! So again not using my nicest motherly voice, send them to bed with no stories! No stories is pure punishment. I put them in their beds threatening them if they come out I will turn the lights out. Then I walk out the door slamming it shut. As I stepped in the hall I realize that is just not the way to send the kids to bed. So I take a deep breath, walk into the room, and sweetly say "I love you" to each of the children, (they all are in the same room because well not sure why because we do have more rooms for them...) and I give them a kiss. As I come upon Gregory I say to him "I love you, very much." And he responded "Well you sure aren't acting like it!" Isn't that the truth. I am sorry buddy even mommies have terrible horrible no good very bad days.


JustRandi said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. It seems like we sure do need to tag-team after a whole day of kids.
Hopefully today will go better.

Cheryl Anne said...

We ALL have days like that, sometimes even when hubby is home. My son is always the one with the humbling comments as well, things like "you scared me mommy" or "you sure are cranky tonight". *sigh* Just try to make those days the minority, I think that's all we can do sometimes.

Holly said...

I hate those days. No matter what you do you feel like a bad parent! We all have them though. I hope today is better!!

katharine said...

at least your husband is gone (so you have an excuse), i'm that cranky all the time lately

Jessica Howard said...

I wish I could say I was better, but we all are like that sometimes (or alot). The nights when Jason has school I have the kids in bed as soon as possible so that I can just relax. I can't imagine having Jason gone for work all the time. I must count my blessings more often. If Maycie would just sleep through the night I might not be so cranky.
Love ya, Jae

Ashley said...

Many times I have put my kids to bed mad at them. It is hard when you have been with them all day, exhausting really. I always go back and see them sleeping peacefully and feel like crap. I think seeing these sleeping babes is what gives the strength to get up the next day and start all over again.

Sheri said...

Sadly, I can picture and hear it all! The really amazing thing is you still did it all... bath's, getting them in pj's etc. When I am feeling like that, they are lucky to get their teeth brushed, for get the baths!!
I can so relate as I did that just a year ago, no hubby, keeping a house ready to be looked at at any moment and trying to pack to make a major move! It's tough, but the fact that you stopped yourself and went back to say I love you is what really matters and you are doing a great job!

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

awh corrine,
i love what he said. take care dear, kathleen

hjackson said...

Okay so I don't have time to read all of your hilarious blogs even though I really want to and will have to come back to them later... But I had to comment on this one!

Poor Greg but doesn't a little sentence like that just really touch your heart? Rich comes home late almost every night so I am left with pretty much everything and it gets so hectic at times. And then, after all the chaos of putting the four to bed I still have Sadi who is just waking up and ready to eat. At least she sleeps during dinner and getting ready for bedtime! But I tell my kids that I get really tired at night so they need to be patient and help me out a little more than normal and then fun, happy, energetic mommy will be back in the morning...

But keeping it all together with 5 kids pulling me in different directions and a messy house needing to be cleaned, etc, etc is hard to do!

And then Rich comes home and wonders why I'm in no mood to chit chat and why I just want to stare at the TV or computer screen and ZONE OUT for a while... haha!

It's been fun reading your blogs and it looks like you've been doing this a while! You're hilarious and I'm looking forward to reading more later!

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