March 31, 2008

All About Me-- Isn't my whole blog about me?? :)

I have been tagged by my friend Michele, on a MIM (I think that is what the blogger world calls them) and since my kids are all asleep well mostly I thought I'd answer it now:

1. What were you doing 10 years ago? I was student teaching at BYU and finishing up my final classes to graduate. Woo Hoo!

2. Five Things on my To-Do List Today
  • wash some sheets
  • Take kids to the library
  • make dinner
  • mop kitchen floor (though I have finished that now)
  • keep my kids happy :)

3. What snacks I enjoy

  • apples
  • crackers and cheese
  • chocolate mostly peanut m&ms
  • nachos

4. What would I do if I were to suddenly be a Billionaire?

  • Pay off student loans and other nasty debt!
  • Set up substantial savings account
  • Set up college funds for my kids
  • Send my parents on a mission
  • Travel with my husband - maybe we'll let the kids come along too :) (So I copied Michele's list)
  • Open up my own digital scrapbooking, family history store

5. Three Bad Habits

  • mindless eating
  • Yelling at my kids - unfortunately, it happens...
  • funny can't think of any :) no I think saying things I shouldn't or saying things that hurt others feelings when I really don't intend them to. So sorry if I have hurt anyone's feelings with my words, I think sometimes things come out the way we don't intend them to.

6. Five Places I've lived

  • Los Gatos, California
  • Laie, Hawaii
  • Provo, Utah
  • Fortaleza, Brazil
  • Austin, Texas

7. Five Jobs I've had

  • Swim Instructor/lifeguard
  • Nanny
  • Subway Sandwich Artist
  • Special Ed Teacher at a High School as well as a Seminary teacher for kids with Special Needs.
  • Mom, Mom, Mom

8. Five Things People Don't Know About Me Or at least I don't know if they know:

  • When I was four years old, I was climbing up a friends water slide in the back yard, and their son pushed me off. I landed five feet down on my head. I remember waking up to everyone looking at me. I puked and puked and was so sick. They were doctors and never took me to the hospital. I think I am lucky to be alive, and I probably would have gotten into Harvard if I hadn't hit my head so hard :)
  • I used to be very athletic and could run faster than most kids around me, especially sprinting, I was a great hurdler as well. I didn't think I was good enough at anything I did and so I quit. I wish I had not felt so down on myself. And wonder why I don't really enjoy doing those things anymore.
  • I love to make up my own musicals. I dance around the house and sing songs I make up to what we are doing. The kids think I am crazy but we laugh.
  • My first kiss wasn't until after I graduated from High School, and it was with some guy my friends and I met while cruising some strip in Reno, Nevada. I even went home to the guys house and spent the night. One of the stupidest things I ever did. I am lucky nothing happened to myself and my one friend that stayed over with me. I don't know why we let our friends drive away...I am sorry Kelly and Amy! Thanks Jennie for being there to protect me. What a night! I did lots of stupid stuff, and for some reason the Lord seemed to protect me from my idioticy :)
  • I get lonely a lot. I really need people around me. Though I do love my quiet moments every once in awhile.
So there you have it! I don't know who to tag, well actually I started listing and then it just got to the point where it was almost everyone I know that reads my blog, so if you are reading this consider yourself TAGGED!


pecas said...

Ok Corrine that is Cheatting! you are suppose to pick one person or so. Anyways, I will tag you back.. I think that people in general where less mean and vicious when we were younger or kids.

The Thorley Family said...

I had to laugh at the thought of you making up musicals... or more at the picture of you bursting into song at random moments. You should check this little improv act out - it will make you smile :) http://improveverywhere.com/2008/03/09/food-court-musical/

Yvonne said...

What a fun meme.

How fun that you make up musicals--I love your comment "the kids think I'm crazy but we laugh". Is there anything better???

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