March 30, 2008

I.C.Q I Love You!

Not many may know but Eric and I didn't have a traditional courtship. We went out on weekends and he lived in Dallas and I in Austin. During the weeks we would chat on line, for several hours at a time, usually we'd stop because Eric would fall asleep.

Eric recently recovered several saved chats of ours and bound it for me, all 63 pages of chat, single spaced, unedited. I spent a couple hours reading it yesterday. I am amazed at how much we shared, how much I knew before I married him, and yet was so blinded by love I didn't notice. Not that I don't love him and glad that I married him because I am. But the things that cause the most problems in our marriage, were there before. Just kind of funny how naive and young I was, and I was "old" at the time. I don't know if I am making much sense. But anyway it was fun to read and see oh we did talk about that...like money and debt and working...anyway seems that we knew all the answers and yet we still have made some mistakes. But we are learning and growing together and closer because of it.

I guess sometimes life lessons repeat themselves because we are just too dumb to remember that we already learned that :)


pecas said...

Like My institute teacher said...when we are single we are suppose to have our eyes wide open and we are marry we have to close one...we always do the opposite. However, like you said it is nice to see how much progress you make with you spouse. I too feel the same way about all the mistakes that we have made financially, but we are also progressing and LEARNING THE LESSSON.

Bates Family said...

That is so true, I am sure I couldlook back and find some of the same stuff!!!

Yvonne said...

It's great that we keep learning and growing, isn't it.
How sweet of your husband to do that for you.

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