September 15, 2008

Monday Mumblings: My Morning Walk

This morning as I was walking with my kids I saw :





and some more really cool fish. It isn't every day that you can go walking and feel like you are snorkeling. The tide was really low this morning, and almost back up when I returned to show my friend the amazing fish I had seen.

I stopped ever few feet or so and had Two look and be amazed with me, she wasn't, not totally. But down at the bottom of the inlet- we live on a peninsula, and have a walking path around the neighborhood- there were a ton of fish just swimming around, I guess having their breakfast. There were so many. It truly was amazing. I walk this way almost every morning and have never seen so many fish. I didn't realize we had a little reef under us.

As I walked home to grab my camera (too bad the tide was back up and I couldn't find my memory card either to take pictures) I realized how fortunate I am to be able to go walking and enjoy my beautiful surroundings. Sure beats looking at the walls on a treadmill, or watching cars go by--that might be something cool if I was into cars but I am not.

Anyway not that I am trying to make you jealous of my living situation...ok maybe a little :) but I just feel so lucky to be where I am right now.

I am happy and glad to be alive and healthy!

side note: got strep again-was hospitalized for 8 days last year for septic strep-, but saw a doctor fast enough only waited two weeks and not twelve- for it to not totally go septic, still waiting on some blood tests, but am amazed at what a little antibiotics can do to make me feel good again, and some fresh air and fish!


Shannon and Brad said...

Corrine, this is so cool! You truly are blessed. You live in a totally different world than I do that's for sure. Very neat.

Jess said...

That is so awesome! I wish I was there... so yes, I am jealous! :)

The weather in San Marcos was only 86 today which was actually really nice. It is starting to feel like fall... but not comparable to the "perfect" weather that you're experiencing. :)

Charly said...

Ok, so next time take your fish net, catch some of those fish, pack 'em up and send them my way so Casey can add them to his reef tank! Haha. It is very cool that you get to see things like that every day.

The Thorley Family said...

Glad to hear you got to the doctor so fast this time... we all need you to stay healthy!

Sheri said...

So... what's a morning walk?! That's amazing... I would probably go too!! Take care of yourself... even 2 weeks was a week too long!

Tamara said...

How fun! I am sorry to hear about the streP...being sick is the pits-

Hey It's Di said...

So yeah, I'm jealous! I would love to see anything more than rocks, streets and cars! That may just be why I gave up walking...or not!

pecas said...

Goodness I am glad you fell better and that you saw a dr soon enough. I wish I could come and visit you pictures are beautiful!

Aly Allred said...

Talk about the ideal walk. One of my favorite things about the ocean is low tide. I miss the ocean so very much: the smell, the air, and all the ocean life. I hope you get to stay.

Berly said...

How fun for you. I don't ever see anything like that. A couple of months ago I saw a dead baby antelope. That is about all I see. Sorry about strep. That stinks!!

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