September 05, 2008

I need a bandaid!

Today Two smashed her finger in the door, kind of a theme going on lately around here. After she stopped crying and was able to tell me what had happened, she asked or rather said "Me need a bandaid, mommy. It hurts me need a bandaid." Her finger wasn't bleeding, which for me is why you need a bandaid, but it was smooshed (I know it isn't a word but I like it) a little and red and obviously hurting. So we went to the kitchen and pulled out the first aid kit and bandaged up her little finger, it was actually her middle but not sure why I just added that. Anyway once it was done I asked her if it felt better. You know what she said? "No, it still hurts."

Usually the bandaid is a cure all for pain and sores and other bodily afflictions.

It caused me to pause and think about what "bandaids" I use for my emotional owies. Kind of funny that we keep the first aid kit in the kitchen because I think that is where I go first for my "bandaids" that are usually found in the refrigerator.

For example, not that I did this...ok I did....I bought some chocolate macadamia nuts for my "pay it forward" friends. I had enough that yesterday the kids and I shared a box, ok two...well the second Bee took some this morning for a friend, so we didn't eat both boxes, totally. Anyway after the kids were off to school the little ones and I went for a little walk. For some reason I came home really sad. We are talking tears running down the face sad. Not sure where it all came from. But you know what I did, I came in and went straight for the un opened box of chocolates and started eating them.

Then I asked myself, "do you feel better?" And you know what my answer was?? "No but they tasted good." And as I sat there feeling sorry for myself, and lonely and just out of the blue blue, the phone rang. THANKS!! I know you felt you should call me and it was very appreciated and very very timely.

So my question to you is: What are some of your bandaids?

I wish mine were running or drinking lots of water or skipping!

Though I do have to say I tend to use writing and walking as some other band aids. Speaking of which we are off to walk to the post office.


Sheri said...

Isn't it funny that the things we turn to rarely if ever make it better?! quite a thought! thanks for making the point! hop eyou are feeling better! Sorry T had such a bad week!!

Angela said...

Yep strait for the freezer for a handful of chocolate chips
It does calm me I guess it is the magic of chocolate

Yvonne said...

I am an emotional eater--doesn't make me feel better, but like you, whatever I eat does take pretty good. (Because when I need a bandaid a carrot just won't do ; )

Spar-Mar Girl said...

I've been thinking about the exact same thing lately (as my clothes stopped fitting me 2 sizes ago). I'm 100% a emotional eater-and wish it was more a cleaning, running, somthing productive outlet. Oh well, I guess that gives us something to work on, right??? I'm sorry it's been such an injury filled week. Hopefully it's all out of everyone's system now!

Dina said...

I've been kind of blue myself lately. Exercise helps and so does chocolate, but when all else fails, sometimes you just have to have a good cry. Next time you're feeling sad, just call me and we'll go for a nice walk and eat chocolates after...

Shannon said...

Oh Corrine, this made me wish I lived right next door to you, so we could cry and eat chocolates together. My bandaid is also eating something sweet and chocolatey. Hmmm, what else, I love listening to my ipod with some of my favorite music. Another one of my bandaids is to go out and buy new clothes or jewelry. Very, very bad since we haven't got money for that kind of thing. I think I'll stick to chocolates cuz I can use my food stamp money for that!! Totally free, except now we don't get anymore food stamp money because Brad is actually getting a pay check. I think I need to come up with some new "bandaids"!

Julie said...

Ice cream! Mint Chocolate chip, or a new favorite licorice

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