September 03, 2008

Having a bad day?

Poor little T-Rex, talk about a bad day.

As Bee was leaving for school this morning he decided to try and sneak out the door with her. She didn't notice him, and the door shut on his poor little fingers.

Somebody, spilt ice on the floor in the kitchen, melting and well when he went running into the kitchen he fell flat on his back.

He tried to climb on a folding chair in the kitchen, when it closed on him smashing his little foot.

Two thought it would be funny to use his back as a dart board, and throw pencils at his back. None stuck in thank heavens but left two small welts on his back.

When running around by the pool he missed a few steps off the patio and caught himself with his face, his poor nose bled pretty hard, and the strawberry on his forehead is pretty bad as well.

Not that all that wasn't enough, a few days ago, G-Man decided to take a pizza out of the oven, after asked to wait for me, and T-Rex put his hand in the oven, and burnt his inner wrist severely, and burnt the outside of his arm as well.

I think that is all for today....and that is a lot for such a little guy. He is asleep now, otherwise I'd take the picture of the poor beat up kid. I tried earlier, but the batteries were dead in it.
UPDATE: Batteries charged and here is his poor nose the next day. His forehead mark doesn't show up very well...and i didn't get the mark on his foot.


Yvonne said...

Goodness I hope tomorrow is a better day ; )

Hugs for him.

Shannon said...

Oh how sad!!!!!!!!!!

Cheryl said...

Ya can't get much tougher when you have a nick name like T-Rex!
He is such a little trooper! Especially having to deal with those new neighbor kids who cry to play with him. And don't quite get that even a 1 year old needs personal space. :)

Dina said...

Hi Corinne,
I didn't know I could actually respond to your blog--should have figured it out when you responded to mine! I love your blog--it's hilarious and heartwarming. I'll be an avid reader/responder from now on...

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