September 24, 2008

Political Muck: My sticky icky thoughts on bits of the mess!

Yesterday I as I flipped through the channels to find Two Little Bill, I happened upon the former First Lady speaking. I graced her with my presences (is that the right terminology?) for a few moments. Personally, I avoid politics and I try not to ever step 10 feet near any type of conversation regarding politics. My only political fill are the emails I get from my dad, but other than that I really don't stay abreast on those types of things. So maybe my views can be a little tainted by my email knowledge base, but regardless, I do have a brain and choose to use it every once in awhile, and start to deep think about stuff.

So I was listening to Mrs. Clinton talk about how President Bush really screwed our nation over, and that the Republicans have totally sunk the country into a deep spiralling pit of despair and that the Democrats need to fly to the rescue and save our little drowning country...ok so I have taken some author liberties here. But you get the picture.

The thing that got me thinking was this whole "Republicans" are evil and have done so many wrongs to the country. And the "Democrats" are going to be our heroes and rescue our nation from its current tragedy set upon itself by the big nasty Republicans. And it just made me think about how really, were the Republicans alone in running the nation the last 8 years?

It is kind of like when your two kids are in the kitchen, the cereal and milk are all over the floor, the bowls are turned upside down. Both kids look guilty and you ask "who made this mess?" and they both point to the other and say "he/she did it?" I mean really, you know they both were pretty much equally involved and one is no guiltier than the other, but they both think the other one is the culprit.

So is it with the two political parties. The finger is always pointing to the other guy. I mean really from what I remember from government classes, and yes they were many years ago, but there is a pretty decent balance set up with the houses, and senates and all the other people involved in running our nation. (told you I don't keep up with politics and don't know all the proper terms.) But do know that they coinside, working together to run the country. But then again, maybe it is like a bunch of five year olds in a room...I don't know.

All these debates throwing the D and R words out there like they are curse words depending on whose mouth they come out, really drives me crazy. Why can't we all get a long? Why can't we just say "hey we are one country, lets make us a great one." We already had the civil war right?

Mrs. Clinton made a great point as well, that we as voters need to look at the candidates as individuals and what they will provide and what are the needs we have as a people, and find the one that best represents our needs....ok more liberties given here while writing it, and it isn't coming out quite like I remember it. But more or less, I took from what she said, and maybe she really didn't say it, but put aside the sides, and find the one who is going to best meet your needs.

So how do you do that? I don't really know other than looking at their track records, watching how they respond during this stressful time, figure out what values you have and what you want to see happen? Find the one that best fits?

One more bit of brain food from me today, the state of our nation didn't happen over night, and I don't think just the last eight years "ruined" our nation. Nor do I think there is a quick fix or that one party will make things even better than another party. It took more than the last eight years to get where we are. I think some people have forgotten that while previous presidents were to be running our country they were under their desks keeping their hands busy with other things. And I personally don't think, that either candidate will be able to "fix" things over night or possibly even during their term. And feel such promises to be false. Though, I do feel that they can work hard to turn things around.

Basically, its a mess! This whole political thing, and that is why I stay out of it and try not to even talk about it. But I just had the urge to dump some of my thoughts.

You know what triggered this?

The little Yahoo news on my email, saying that Obama doesn't want to wait for the debates after McCain has asked to hold off for a bit. Anyway, amazing the power of advertising huh?


Tonia said...

You should come to our house sometime. I would guess here in Houston that political talk makes up about 80% of the conversation. It is true that the whole Fannie May and Freddie Mac business was put in place by a majority democratic Congress. Really though....these days it is sometimes hard to tell who is who and what is what. I do kinda like Palin. I see her mistakes but I like her grit.

Melissa said...

I am so sick of it all too...it doesn't seem like anyone uses logic anymore. They just tell us what they think we want to hear instead of telling us what we need to hear.

Charly said...

Amen! Seems to me like you have the whole politics thing down. It's interesting how WE all know that this was a dual effort by the government but THEY don't seem to know it!

iggee said...

and think of how much money each party spends just to point the finger at the other side? ack!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I am so sick of it all. I don't even pay attention because it is all a mess.

Aly Allred said...

Like Tonia said, the Freddie and Fannie problems started back in the Clinton Administration. Pres Clinton wanted to give the Amercian dream of owning your own home to ALL Americans (legal and illegal). Pelosi & Reed were the first to sign off on it. It's now that the Replublicans are having to "clean" up the mess...

Shannon and Brad said...

Wow, you said it! I agree with all your opinions Corinne.

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