September 25, 2008

I was Kidnapped!

And that is a good thing!

This morning I got up, started helping the kids get ready for school, and at 7:00 AM, still in my PJs, Eric told me that my friend Cheryl was watching the kids at 7:30 and we were going out. I quickly finished getting the kids ready, then showered, got dressed and made it down in time to meet our morning carpools (actually I am a terrible carpooler my friends are so wonderful and let my kids tag a long with them..Bee goes with one friend and G-Man goes with another.)

The babies were off and safe, and it was just me and my "kidnapper". It was nice and quiet. We talked a little, but mostly I looked in awe at the beauty around us. Eric's camera was in his computer bag and so I snapped some pictures as we drove along the Windward Coast. I just am amazed at the beauty there is in our world. Truly this place is my idea of beautiful.

We drove for an hour and a half to arrive at the Laie Temple. What a beautiful building, think I need to find another adjective other than beautiful. We went in for the 9:00 session, which they held for us since we arrived at a few minutes before the hour.

Some of you may not know what the temple is, and I tried to explain it to our friend Cheryl and I didn't do it much justice. You can find out more information on temples here as well (click the highlighted text.) But suffice it to say that it is a very sacred place that makes me feel at such peace. I really didn't want to leave. The beauty that surrounds me on this island doesn't compare to the beauty and feelings inside the temple. And if you are around the island, it is worth it to walk the grounds because they are amazing as well.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat, literally through a drive through, to make it home so that Cher
yl didn't have to hang out too long with our crazy munchkins, and well Eric had to go back to work. And we probably won't see him tonight. But it was a wonderful day.

Now we are just trying to finish up all our homework so we can go to the pool and grill some burgers and have an enjoyable evening. G-man has to re-do his spelling sentences from last night because they all started with I and that was "unacceptable." Oh well, so I wrote some for him and made him copy them because I really didn't want to spend another HOUR on writing spelling sentences....Oh the joys of school.


Charly said...

That's the best kidnapping story I have ever heard!

hjackson said...

Hi girl! I want to follow your blog but I don't see anything that says "follow my blog". My niece has something that says that and I just clicked on it and it worked out perfect. Help!

pecas said...

Yeah for Erick What a great kidnapper. I am glad you guys had such a nice "date in the house of the Lord"
I too want to be kiddnap

Shannon and Brad said...

This is the cutest kidnapping story ever! What a thoughtful and sweet thing for your husband to do. You are blessed.

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