September 27, 2008

Flashback Friday: Hawaii

That was THEN: Can you find me? Give you a hit, pink shirt. And all I can say guys is "Chilly Dog"...This is Now:
It is hard to believe that...ok dating myself here....that was 15 years and some months ago, that the THEN picture was taken. I am thinking I need to find some "Sun In" I was pretty darn blond back then. Grant it, we hit the beach daily and well the "sun in" bottle went with us most times.

It was amazing yesterday how the memories came flooding back to me while we were in Laie. Not only the good memories, but those crazy weird odd feelings of being single and looking, if that makes sense, like I just remember those fun times, but also those "oh he is never going to ask me out" feelings too. I loved college, I had a blast. I miss sometimes the care free feelings, days sleeping in, only worrying about myself and if some guy liked me, but am so glad to be where I am now.

Life just gets better and different, and harder all rolled up in one.

Facebook has brought some long lost friends "back" into my life. It is kind of funny seeing how I am back in the place where I spent my freshman year of college, because being here and "catching" up with these friends, make it feel like I had just gone home for summer break...and all of sudden am back but with four kids and a husband....how did that happen?

So you think I should go blonde again???


Dina said...

I love your hair blond, even though it's a nice color now. I think it would be fun to try a few highlights in your hair, or go a shade or two lighter. On the other hand, the darker blond makes your blue eyes stand out more. Either way, you're really pretty so it doesn't matter.

pecas said...

Wowo you were really blond! I was just dating myself today as well remembering those days when my worries did not have anything to do with children hahahaha.
Keep enjoying your time in paradise I love those pictures and I specially love the fact that you are finally having a break and having fun

Shannon and Brad said...

I love your natural hair color, but you also really hot blonde too!! I always look back on my college years as a really fun and great learning experience, but I too am glad it's past and I am where I am!!

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