September 19, 2008

Ramen Noodles, Ramen Noodles

Some woman are dripping with Diamonds, some woman are dripping with pearls....I am dripping with KIDS and ramen noodles!

Yes it is only a little before 9 am and my house is dripping with noodles.



Well for one, I haven't been to the grocery store in about two weeks, and pretty much all we have left are ramen noodles, which the kids wanted to eat for breakfast.

For some reason we were running on slow this morning, maybe it had to do something with the bed hopping and floor sleeping spots fights in the middle of the night. We were a little behind today. So instead of putting their bowls in the sink before running out the door, the bowls stayed on the table.

T-Rex who is beginning to earn his name--as he is right now on top of the file boxes screaming..just a second....got him down...no wait back up.....---likes to explore his environment. While I was helping Two go potty--yes she potty trained this week--he grabbed a bowl of noodles off the table, walked to the front entry and took some crayons and mixed them together and then dumped them all over the floor. Well at least that is what it looked like.

Just another second he is on top of the copy machine pulling down the blinds.....

Then faster than I could catch him, he climbed on the kitchen table, dumped another bowl of noodles and juice, guess the kids weren't totally hungry. Once it was sufficiently on the table, I grabbed some paper towels to wipe it. Though he was faster than I and began to swoosh it off the table, splat in the water with his hands, then get down on his belly and slide through it across the top. I caught him before he could slide off to the floor. At least I am not totally slow on my feet.

So instead of finishing cleaning up the mess....I decided to write about it. But in the mean time, he has pulled all the paper out of the copier, climbed on the copier a couple of times, colored the top of the copier, climbed on top of the file boxes...and now he is on the entry floor cleaning up the noodles...well lets just say another little snack....

Ok better get the noodles up before the bugs decided to come and help clean.

T-rex just pulled out the camera, maybe he thinks his morning art work is worth picture taking. Nah...Time to clean up.

Did I mention too they are roofing today and we are on the top floor....and Eric has been missing for about a month now, his clothes have shown up in the hamper but no real sight of him...I am tired...and need to go to the store...T-Rex doesn't like shopping. I think it has to do with the straps and a cart that he is suppose to stay in.


Sheri said...

Sadly... I can so relate!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Sorry about your mess. Who would think one child can make such a mess. Shouldn't life get easier with just a few at home while the others are at school?? Wish I could come and help you! Love you and miss you!

Charly said...

That is quite a morning!

TexasBoy said...

Sorry honey. Life should be a little less hectic after Election Day today.

Yvonne said...

What a day--wow! Sorry.

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