September 22, 2008

Monday Mumblings: A little bit of EVERYTHING


OH MY GOODNESS, this little boy could be the poster child for Energizer batteries, he keeps going and going and going. IN the last 24 hours, he has:
  • put almost a whole roll of TP in the toilet
  • threw clothes in the toilet
  • climbed in the toilet ( you think the door would have been locked by now.)
  • climbed into the shower with clothes on and completed soaked himself, with the help of a 3 year old sister who knows how to turn the water on.
  • dumped crayons on the floor, not once, nor twice but 5 times...how does he keep getting them?
  • climbed on the kitchen table and knocked water on the floor (left water glasses on the table, at least we use plastic.)
  • spilt milk on the laptop
  • dumped a bottle of water on the carpet
  • dug food out of the trash (i promise i feed him)
  • pulled a poopy diaper out of the trash can and opened it and spread it all over his feet and hands...probably tried tasting it....
  • threw an orange off the balcony
  • and he slept in until 8 this morning...i guess the last day pooped him out.

I recently sat down and helped a friend start a blog. She wrote several posts, and then got a little frustrated that she couldn't write every day and felt like no one was reading it and thus deleted it.

It is interesting to me, this whole bloggerhood thing because it truly is its own community. The blog world kind of reminds me of high school. It is filled with all kinds of clicks.
  • There are the "cool" kids, who for some reason draw thousands of readers and comments, they aren't necessarily any better at writing than others, but some how their coolness has typed through to the blog world.
  • Then there are your geeks, that blog about tech stuff or other non personal information.
  • You have your introverts, that write about their deepest darkest secrets, and keep to themselves.
  • Then there are the class clowns, you just read and laugh at all the things they are poking fun of in their lives.
  • There are those on the yearbook commitee, who like to post pictures and capture their events.
  • There are the jocks who post about their running and other exercise regimens.
  • You have the cheerleaders, who seem to be able to do it all and keep on smiling. Their posts seem so perfect and happy.
  • You got the goth groups, all dark and dreary, and wow is me.
  • You have the International group, sharing their learning of different cultures and travels.

Anyway I am sure there are ton more types of bloggers, and some sort of mix. But my point is, what ever reason you write, or when you are able to write, it should be for you. It should not matter what others think, or if they comment (though it does make you feel good to get comments) but for your personal records.

I am just amazed at the world blogging has opened to me. I have been able to meet people I would have never met before. I have been able to learn things about people I don't think I would have ever learned on a personal level.

My words of wisdom here? Blog when you can. Blog what you want. And don't get caught up in comparing yourself to other bloggers. Do what you can, be you.


I think I fell off my life raft and am holding on to my life jacket floating in the ocean riding up and down with the waves, unsure of when my boat is going to come back and pick me up and take me to my destination. Heck I don't even know where that destination is and what my boat looks like.

We are here, for a few more months. And then what? We don't know. It is crazy. We are at a point where we could end up anywhere in the world. I have thought about taking out a world map and just throwing a dart and going there. There are few things keeping us from doing that, like MONEY and well thats about it.

We possibly could end up back in Austin, but Eric feels unsure about what is going to happen with his company and his job there. The kids want to stay here, and I actually wouldn't mind living here, it is so beautiful and well yeah it is just beautiful and everything is so close, but it is SO EXPENSIVE. With the fact that Eric shows up after we are all asleep and leaves usually before we wake up, he hasn't had much time to even look for other work opportunities.

So anyone have any suggestions? Know of any great places to raise a family? Cost of living low? Job market fairly stable?

I am all over the place here.....

Ok off to take care of the kids.....


Tamara said...

T-Rex is a hoot! There were so many days like that for me courtesy of Lucas. Wish I could say those days are gone.... :)

Anyway, I love reading about your Hawaiian adventures, but would love to have you back in Austin....maybe Cedar Park? A little north, but were are not all bad up here!

Marci said...

how much would it cost to get the truth behind all of the blogs? who are the class clowns, who are the yearbook people, etc.....

Hang in there. I feel like you are going through what I went through last year. it gets better, i promise!

Shannon and Brad said...

I am definitely a "yearbook committe" blogger. I don't think I've done a post without a picture. Anyway, I think you would like Overland Park, KS. Cost of living is great, it was voted like #3 in the nation for places to raise a family, and it is beautiful in it's own way. There are a ton of free things for families to do all the time! We have loved it here!

Shannon and Brad said...

I know how you feel with T-Rex. Gavin is starting to make messes and get into a lot of trouble when I'm not looking!

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