June 22, 2008

To Move or not to Move

Isn't that the eternal question? Possibly this doesn't apply to you because one your kids are grown or two you are much better at bed time rituals than we have been lately.

When your kids fall asleep on the floor, mind you after baths and getting in pjs, do you move them to their beds?

I mean you know they will sleep so much better in their beds, you know it can't be comfortable on the floor with their heads stuck under the ottoman but do you disturb their slumber?

Is it possible they will sleep there all night??

No it is not, and do they go to their own beds?
Not typically. This is where they end up.
G-man down at the bottom, me (mom) on the left, Two hard to see in the middle, and B in the pink.

Moral of the story. Yes move them to their beds, because if you don't move them they will move themselves to your bed.

side note: Put laundry away before going to bed, you never know when you will take a picture. Also to the side of me are the blankets that B brought to sleep on on the floor. I guess Eric got a little uncomfortable and got out to take this picture. Don't you feel bad for us all sleeping on the floor? :) It is a really comfortable mattress, maybe we will get a bed frame one day.


Marci said...

hang in there corrine!! I promise it will get easier and much better. Reading your blog makes me think of my life here a year ago and it brings back some painful memories but I promise it will get better!! If you need a friend, please call anytime.

Yvonne said...

Definitely move them!!!!

Love the picturess. Loved the sidenote.

Tonya said...

Off to bed with them for sure. Although that is a pretty cute picture and you guys really can fit a lot of people in one bed :o)

Hang in there girl.

Hey It's Di said...

I have asked myself that same question MANY times. I did leave my kids in the spot they happened to fall asleep at times and I got lucky and they stayed there!

One night with them all in my bed and that would change though:(


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