June 20, 2008

Hike to the Light House

I am not sure what the park is called but it is just over the hill from our house. This morning we got the kids up, well rather they got them selves up early and we went for a walk. Well more of a hike, it was two miles straight up the hill. Nice paved trail, beautiful views...can even see two neighboring islands, Maui and Moloki (sp). The kids had a blast. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.
B wanted me to stop every few steps to take her picture. We sure looked a little touristy. Though as we walked you could tell the locals from the tourists by...no not the cameras but by the friendliness...

Oh one other thing, as we were walking back down the hill, G-man couldn't stop asking questions. He was asking them so fast, we didn't have enough time to resond to them.

After a while he finally said or rather asked "Why can't I stop asking questions?" To which I responded, "I don't know but I was thinking the same exact thing."

He does ask a lot of questions. But it is great.


Yvonne said...

What great scenery. I bet the kids loved every minute of it. I'll wave to you when I'm in Maui next week ; )

Beth said...

so whose friendlier the tourists or the locals?

Becky said...

wow..hawaii looks amazing.

it looks like they had a blast..i'm totally jealous of the beautiful scenery.

katharine said...

i'm not going to feel bad for you waking up early anymore if you get THAT when you walk outside ;)

Corrine said...

its hard to feel bad for someone living in this state, but the perils of motherhood never end :) So a little sympathy once in a while would be nice :)

As far as who is friendlier Beth I'll let you decide :) but it appeared to be the ones that did this as a daily exercise.

Tonya said...

Oh wow, that is just gorgeous. I might be a bit more motivated to work out if I had that to look at while I did it.

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