June 22, 2008

It's a Dole Life!

Not a dull, but Dole life. We had a blast at the Dole Plantation, which up until a few years ago was a working plantation. I believe now, and don't quote me, it is only a tourist location with some pineapples for local use. Though with the amount of ice creams and smoothies they serve a day, they probably grow the pineapple for self use.

Thanks G-man for taking these pictures of us enjoying these yummy treats.

You know what else they have that looked so yummy was a pineapple split!! Imagine if you will a pineapple cut in half, clean out a pit and piled high three scoops of ice cream smothered in whip cream, strawberries, chocolate and of course pineapple...It looked so yummy, think I am going to try that out for a dessert sometime. Anyway.....

So who knows how pineapples grow??
Would you like to see?
I am sure you would so here you go.

Yeah they just grow off the tops like that, looks kind of fake or something. Seems like the fruit part should grow in the ground, ya? (that's local talk, make a statement and turn it into a question by adding ya? at the end) Anyway kind of cool, ya?

We rode on the fun train around the plantation, but not sure how fun it was for those sitting around us, because Mr. T-Rex screamed, I mean screamed, the whole 2 mile 22 minute tour. Yeah it was fun! Sorry fellow travelers!

After the train ride we fed the local coy fish...man they were hungry, I feared one of my kids would fall into the pond to be devoured by these hungry guys. Funny thing is as they were all jumping on top of each other to get the food people were throwing in by the handfuls, Two just sat there and dropped the pellets in one at a time. She kept feeding them while the older two were done feeding them, Gman didn't think it was fair that she got to keep feeding them. But that's what happens when you throw the pellets all in and your sister just throws one at a time, causing a huge feeding frenzy. (did that even make sense??)

We also went through their maze, which g-man totally loved! It was a lot of fun, and truly was the largest full size maze I have ever been in. The world record for going through it and hitting all their secret spots is a little over five minutes and it took us...........a little under an hour. No wonder Two wanted me to hold her.
You may not be able to see it, but G-man has his new light blue cast, which we drew sea life all over on it. We have been told by several people that it is the coolest cast they have ever seen.


Yvonne said...

What a great outing. Love the pictures of the pineapples--didn't know that's how they grow. (See, that's why I blog--because I always learn something ; )

The pineapple split sounds DELICIOUS!!!

I love G-man's cast. It is very cool.

Sheri said...

Sounds like y'all are having a blast! That is great! Wish we were there!! nice pose by the Pineapple garden sign!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Fun. I think last time I went there it was when Eric came to visit me in college and we went on a horse back ride through the pineapple fields. I think it is pretty much a tourist trap these days. Yummy Yummy!!

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