June 29, 2008

Hike up Diamond Head and Lost in a Rainforest

Eric by the water fall

Darling T-Rex

The kids and I in a grove of trees.

The Girls at the top of Diamond Head

G-man and Eric enjoying the views from the top of Diamond Head

All of us at the top

Going up the last set of straight stairs, G-man counted this set was only 99 steps

The kids looking all stinking cute, and yeah thats a misquito biting T-rex's head...and the back ground is real!

Emily smiling and well right when I snapped the picture she started to walk away and informed me she was done taking pictures.
G-man getting blown away by the winds on Pali Look out.

Yesterday and Today we went on a few little hikes. Well actually Friday we went to hike up Diamond Head (an inactive volcano) but the lot was full and well it was just too busy. So we set out on another little adventure. We went to the Pali look out to only be blown away by the wind and the side going rain. Then we found a little hiking trail along the river and in the "rainforest" not sure if that is what they call their treed areas here, but that's what I would call it. So for your enjoyment I have posted these pictures.


Anonymous said...

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berto xxx

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Cheryl Anne said...

awesome pics!

Bia said...

Wow. Beautiful photos of a lovely trip. Although I've traveled a lot through Europe, I've never been to Hawaii. Hopefully I'll get there one day.

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Wow! Y'all are really taking advantage of living in Hawaii! The pictures are AWESOME!!! Before I forget to call you at a decent time-how is everything going with T rex's eye?

Alexa said...

Way to go taking all those kiddos on that hike! That's not an easy hike once you get to those steps! I'm glad y'all are having so much fun in HI! :)

Angela said...

Out into nature. It is fun isn't it.
We were out camping this past weekend.

Glad you are enjoying

Hey It's Di said...

Those are great pics! I remember hiking Diamond Head and thinking it would just be a tiny hike. You are awesome to get up there with kids:)

Aly Allred said...

Looks more beautiful than I remember. So glad that you all get to be there and experience it. Enjoy it.

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