June 17, 2008

It isn't 8 am yet

and I have checked my email, fed my kids,
cleaned the bathroom,
watched some tv,
ate a snack,
put kids into time out three times,
read about 15 blogs,
changed a couple diapers,
ate some coconut,
told my kids no 25 times,
nursed a baby,
bandaided a finger,
told my kids not to tie a rope around their little sister because she is not a dog,
picked up thirty croutons off the carpet,
said "I don't care who did it, I asked you to help me clean it up!",
threatened to turn off the tv if they didn't help,
and thought about unpacking my clothes in my closet.
Oh and I need to fold the laundry on my bed..um well floor now....
I have been here over a week now almost two on Friday (not counting thursday as two weeks because we got here at 11 PM) and I haven't wanted to unpack my clothes. I keep wearing and washing the same outfits. But the suitcases are spilling out on my floor as I try to find something "different" to wear. Ok off to work!


Melissa said...

Even though it is only an hour we are still having a hard time adjusting to the time. The boys get up at 6:00am still!!

Hey It's Di said...

I have such a hard time adjusting to different times when we vacation. I hope that your kids will soon sleep in and you WON'T get so much done before I even crawl out of bed here:)

Tonya said...

Wow, you are like the Army or something, getting more things done before most people get out of bed. I'm up at 4am through the week. Hopefully you guys will adjust soon to the time change.

McCulloch Family said...

Just embrace it and love it - Hawaii time is awesome! You wake up and friends are already awake back home and then in the evenings you get total "me" time and can just relax and work on projects... and, of course, blog and talk to the night owls back on the mainland :)

katharine said...

don't you know we will be looking back on these years with fondness ;)

Yvonne said...

Life NEVER slows down--there's always more and more to do. But you are up to the challenge ; )


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