June 12, 2008

Photo Tag

Photo Tag
The rules are you have to take ten pictures of the following things. And you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping the snot from your child's nose. Then you tag five others. You guys are in for quite a treat since it's just a week after moving in and still not settled very well.

1. Laundry room - a little closet off the front hallway

2. Favorite room - the kitchen! I just love that it is open to the family room and can step off onto the Lanai from it, and the views from the eating area are really really beautiful.

3. What the kids are doing right now - Emily in the kids room, sitting nicely on their wonderful futon mat :)
These two are enjoying our new furniture while watching tv. Like our new furniture :) Bought the ottoman and chair from a hotel resale store, and the futon, ready for you to come and sleep on it :)

4. Favorite shoes - bare feet:
you would not believe how comfy they are!
Didn't think you wanted to see my feet.

5. Toilet - I took a pic of our bathroom, the toliet is in the little closet, I read this wrong and well don'[t feel like getting a pic of the potty I m tired :)
6. Kitchen sink - again, better than expected!

7. Fridge - see above kitchen picture :) ok cheating again...
8. Self-portrait--I am just so not pretty!

9. My closet - half of it anyway and well most of our stuff is still in those suitcases on the floor.
10. Dream vacation - I d love to go on an African Safari....B took this picture of the spinning world at the temple on Sunday. It is part of a display of all the Book of Mormons in all their different languages.
Now I am suppose to tag five people.... So here it goes Poppy Mom "Patricia", Iggee (Stephanie), Cherylanne, Erika, and Sheri. And any one else who feels like doing this, it was kind of fun, even though I forgot all the pictures I was suppose to take and am just too lazy and tired to take anymore :)


Yvonne said...

That was fun. Your place looks really nice. I'm so glad everyone is adjusting. Do you feel like you are on vacation? I'm afraid living in Hawaii would feel like that to me.

I think you look great.

iggee said...

Love your kitchen! I'm sure you're totally loving your new home! Are you all planning on coming back to TX in 6 months?

I'll try and get those photos! May not get all 10, but I may get some!

Tonya said...

Very cool tag!! I don't think I could be as brave. Things are looking pretty good for just a week in.

The kitchen is awesome. Ours is open like that and I love it.

P.S. What are you talking about, you are adorable.

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