June 24, 2008

Summer Beach Book Swap!

SBBS Time!

Last night as I was reading, a total beach read type novel, I thought about who I could give the book to read when I was done. And then it made me think about how it would be fun to get a book from a friend right now to read, you know "oh I just finished this great book...you should read it." and they hand it to you. Well anyway then it occurred to me that I might have enough friends out there that would want to participate in a Summer Beach Book Swap.

Wouldn't it be fun to get a light novel to read this summer while enjoying the longer sunny nights?

So here is how it will work.
  • You email me with your mailing address, favorite book type and your name.

  • Then after I collect all the interested parties information, I will give you a name of someone to whom you will send a summer beach read (paper back).

  • The book can be one you just finished or you can go on line to Amazon and order one, or just hit the local book store how ever you like. Who is in????

  • Deadline is July 2 to get your information to me. Then you will have a week from when I give you your name to send it out.

Leave a comment below then you can email me at corrinesim at yahoo.com

And please post a link to this on your blog, so we can get a lot participating. I am excited!!


Yvonne said...

Great idea, corrine. I will put a link on my next post.
Because I'm in Canada and the time it takes to send anything in the mail, I will not be participating, but I love the idea.

Tamara said...

HI! So, I found your blog on the thorleys, and caught on after reading a few entries that you guys moved to Hawaii??? So fun! We moved back to Austin a few months too. Too bad we missed you guys! Great idea with the swap...i kinda do that with Paperbackswap.com...so if you don't have enough takers, you should take a look at that site.

Email me or something so we can catch up!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Great idea, however every book I read I check out from the library. I can give you a list of some food ones though.

Sheri said...

I am definately a library girl too... and I have good intentions, but never really follow through, so I won't be doing this one! However... love your hair and got your new phone number! How do you get such cute blog backgrounds... I want a change!

JustRandi said...

OH! I want to play, but I can't even get library books back on time! Someone would likely wait a long time for me to mail to them. It's a great idea, though. I hope you get lots of takers.

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