December 19, 2007

Some things to make you go HMMMMM!

As I was driving down the toll way today, and went under the flashing bar code scanner zapper thing I wondered, how on earth it did it and was able to accurately log each car passing by? It is amazing, because when I am at the grocery store doing self check out, it takes me at least several minutes sometimes it feels, to get something to scan when I am holding the bar code right to it, usually after spending a few seconds trying to find the bar code. Then spending the time flipping it around, aiming it towards the top scanner then the bottom scanner, checking the package again to see if you actually have the bar code. Then you finally get it scanned and try to put it nicely in the sack before the computer screen starts screaming at you to put it in the bag, and then tells you to wait for assistance...anyway I just wonder how the toll way machine is so efficient and that self scanner thing is sometimes a wonder for me.

The other thing that I have often wondered about lately is how in the world are children capable of destroying their room in five seconds flat, and not only not know who made the mess, but are completely unable to clean it up in less than three hours, a yelling mom and tears? Go figure!!

Also how do young babies know the difference in standing or sitting down?? Or that they are being held by a five year old vs. a 35 year old? Can't they just be content to be held and loved?

And why do kids automatically say "what??!!" when you ask them to do something. But when you are whispering to your spouse about taking the kids somewhere fun, they begin to scream lets go!??

How is it that kids after being told fifty times not to touch the Tabasco Jalapeno plant come inside with their mouths, faces and eyes on fire after deciding to take apart the peppers to plant their seeds??? How are mom's suppose to know how to stop the burn? Well if you are wondering palm olive or any dish soaps when scrubbed on and rinsed off (with cold water not hot cuz that burns the burn more) helps stop the burning. Though if you are looking for a quick "I've been in the sun look" might I suggest rubbing a jalapeno on your face.

Well it seems my time of babbling has come and gone...wonder how time goes so fast when you try to take a moment for yourself....

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