December 12, 2007

I know why I get blue during Christmas...

not that I don't enjoy receiving Christmas Cards with all the wonderful pictures and letters, but I think it puts into my mind, how perfectly wonderful everyone else is and how totally lame I and my life are. Not that I don't think my life is wonderful and I love my family and life, I just read people's letters, and how their two year old is potty trained and the next Tiger Woods and how they sailed around the world in a 50 foot yacht during the summer. I know I am probably comparing myself too much, but they do tend to bring me down a little, and then I often wonder how fun it would be to receive a letter telling the woes and sorrows of the year and how one can't wait for a new year cuz this last one really sucked! Maybe I just need to go take my zoloft but really do we need to brag so much?

So here's my top Ten things I am proud of this year.... no wait start with the top Ten things that really stunk this year.....

1. ... still thinking...
1. Getting a severe allergic reaction post c-section
2. having scarlet fever
3. traumatic iud placement
4. hospitalization (missed a family reunion)
5. bed rest
6. getting the flu for three weeks while pregnant and 104 fever for three days
7. Gregory getting his appendix out
8. Timmy having an opening at the end of his spine
9. best friend moving away
10. money problems....well that seems to be every year

ok I have more than 10...
11. Bethany dropped out of preschool
12. I babysat and didn't get paid
13. I lost a lot of weight when I was sick and seem to have found it again...
(can't leave it at 13 that's a bad number)
14. had to get a new car because the mazda couldn't hold on anymore
15. our fridge died and had to get a new one.
16. Gregory gets in trouble for talking too much in school.
17. we have a principal that won't let parents on campus to help out.
18. My children never listen to me and I feel like I am going to lose my voice some days
19. and as much as I love my children some days I just don't really like them much...

Ok so you know some dirt about me...

Ok on to the chipper and merriness of the year:

1. Timothy was born
2. Kids have stayed relatively healthy
3. Eric just got a long over due promotion
4. we have a house
5. I am alive (though some days not so sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing)
6. Eric loves me
7. i went on a fun get away for the weekend
8. Bethany and Emily play really well together
9. I have begun to sleep 5 consecutive hours...well that was interrupted this last week.
10. I have really cool extended family and friends
11. my children need me......

really I am out of here....Cheers!!!


Jessica Howard said...

Well, just so you know Hayden is 4 1/2 and still not poty trained so I get really annoyed when people try to give me advice when I have literally tried everything. He is just lazy and doesn't care and Jason and I are the only ones embarrassed. The worst is when friends tell me their 2 yr old is potty trained and I have 3 in daipers. You have an awesome family, and congrats on Eric's promotion. That is always a nice little bonus. Love you Corrine, hang in there. Jae

Adam Ford said...

Ok, so I've been feeling the EXACT same thing the last few days! And I hear you on the whole losing your voice to your kids thing. CONGRATS on Eric's promotion-that's always a nice thing to have happen! I wish we could be together for Christmas--maybe next year I'll convince Adam to come to Texas! Good luck! Mandy

Adam & Rebecca Billings said...

I loved this entry--not that I love that you've had a hard year--but you've reminded me that we ALL have struggles! I think people just like to brag in Christmas letters because it's a time for them to be grateful for good things and to pretend everything's been peachy.
So, Ian is not yet potty trained--nor interested--and we have just about no money (we face $ problems always, too). And the list could definitely go on! Isn't life wonderful! Congratulations on all of the good things, and CONGRATULATIONS for making it through the bad! Again, I loved your entry, though I'm sure that's not why you wrote it! I think you're wonderful. Becky

Patricia said...

You have been tagged. Please go to my blog at www.digiheaven.blogspot.com and answer the questionns there, post them on your blog and tag someone else. Have fun

Aly Allred said...

I love you Rinny! Believe me when I know how you feel each and every day! You are a wonderful mom and have a beautiful family. Maybe we should all get together and write that lousy Christmas card. I think that more people will appreciate it, than not.

JustRandi said...

Oh, Corrine - You're a great mom! I think it's great that you can laugh about this stuff.
I hate those brag letters... I never write them, and sometimes I don't read them. Shh. Don't tell.

Oh- and I think that candy cane tea is real tea, not herb. Just FYI.

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