December 16, 2007

The only child that listenst to me seems to be Timmy!

I love babies, I just love them. I would have 12 if they didn't all turn into kids and cost money and physically drain me. I just love to hold my babies..some say I spoil them, but really how long do you actually get to hold the little child you know? So I always whisper in to Timmy's ear "oh just don't grow and just stay this cute forever!" (not that I don't love my other children because I do, I just love the newborn and young infants stage a lot). Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, because Timmy listened to me. I took him on Thursday for his six month well check and the boy hadn't grown! He did gain a 1/2 pound. But didn't grown and inch and I believe his head was around the same, because all of his percentiles went down, his height dropped to 3%. For those non parents out there, or for those its been a long time since you have been to the doctor for a little kid, it means that out of 100 kids his age, only 2 are smaller than him. But thats ok, he is very cute and we love him. And man he is obedient. I did tell him he did have to grow taller because it is part of life. So we will see at his 9 month check up.

As for the other kids, they are doing well. Gregory is excelling in school academically (ok so a little bragging on my part) but he seems to have big issues with rushing through his work to be the first one done and making careless mistakes, and also he has major problems with just talking too much. I think he might end up being in politics he is so social. His teacher said he seems to be a little more concerned about letting her know what everyone else is doing than being focused on what he should be doing. Funny story though today at church we waited around to do our Tithing Settlement and Gregory just started chatting up with one of my friend's grandmother. He just sat there telling her stories and asking her questions. I thought that maybe I should take him to some retirement homes, because he told me that he had fun hearing her stories and telling his. He and I also took a walk after church around the neighborhood and he and I just talked. We picked some mistletoe and he put it over my head and gave me a kiss. He really is a sweet kid and fun to be with. Though he really does have a lot to say.

Bethany, not sure whats going on with her lately, she just seems to think it is funny to get my goat, since it is pretty easy to do lately. She does like to help me and is willing to do pretty much anything I ask her to do. Tonight she wanted to mop the kitchen floor but I told her we didn't need to do that tonight because it is Sunday. Though she pointed out all the messy spots on the floor- yes there was an otter pop melted on the floor, all dried up bright and green! I did get that with a wet rag because well lets just say its been a few days since the kids have eaten some. She is constantly aware of Timmy's needs and brings him to me, or tries her best to calm him down. Did I ever tell you she has the most amazing memory too. She is really good about remembering people and their names. A wonderful trait that I wish I had. She also loves to sing, today she was singing all the Christmas Hymns at church. She wants a hymn book for Christmas or her birthday!

Emily, sweet Emily! She is speaking more and more each day and it is great to finally start hearing her thoughts. Funny story today. Gregory kept repeating everything Eric was telling me about his High Adventure trip this coming year. He was getting a little more than irritated with Gregory. He picks up a rag doll and puts it in his lap. Gregory starts repeating again. Emily walks over grabs the doll and tosses it at Gregory saying "stop it!"...She likes to always inform me that "baby cry, momma" and is very concerned if I don't pick him up instantly. I also love that any time we drive by a Sonic she says "hi Josh, hi Sarah" there the parents of the girl Faith I watch. Josh is the GM of a Sonic and Sarah car hops. So any time we pass a Sonic she has to say hi to him. Its pretty cute.

Well enough chat of my kids, got a little one crying for me, and a dad who thinks its my turn to watch him.

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