December 29, 2007

Happy New Year and other babblings!

Can you believe that Christmas has come and gone and that 2008 is only a few days away?? Where does the time go, really??? where??? I just can't believe that 2007 is over. What happened with the time? Well I guess I spent most of the year in bed so it seemed. Kids spent most time rearranging the house and creating fun messes for me to pick up. And Eric spent the time commuting back and forth to work and home and the church. I don't think we really did much this last year, no big trips no major events...ok I take that back! :

We had Timmy,
Gregory got his appendix out,
I got scarlet fever and hospitalized for 8 days,
Bethany dropped out of preschool,
Emily learned to talk,
my parents came out a couple of times,
Eric's parents returned home from Brazil
We spent spring break with the flu and in Galveston with the kids,
I got to travel to California for 5 days
Went to San Antonio for Thanksgiving
Had a niece born...Maycie
My sister Aly and her kids came for a fun visit...

So the year was pretty eventful. I need to finish our family yearbook highlighting the year and all the fun pictures...

Gregory made a comment the other day which made me think that my life feels a little like Ground Hogs day the movie. He said "I am tired of cleaning up other people's messes!" after I had asked him to pick up something Emily dumped out. I looked at him and said "so am I!"

And really I feel like each day I wake up to a child beckoning me from their room...well usually my floor or snuggled next to me in my bed, followed by the prompt words..."I want something to eat"...next followed by "MMMMMMMMMMOOOOMMMM come on I 'm hungary!" and me saying "just a minute I need to use the rest room" Then I stumble down the stairs, trying to pick a few things up on the way. Feed kids something, sometimes it is popcorn sitting out from the night before or hey how about some crackers, if I am not bombarded with the suggestion of "eggs!". Then I run upstairs try to make some beds, while stopping to check my email, followed by some screaming and someone needing some help. Then its the day where do the hours go, not sure, mostly kids pulling stuff out, me putting stuff back, spilling of milk or some sort of drink, mopping that up. A phone call, then someone needs a new diaper or a bottom wiped. Then another phone call, check the email. Is it lunch time already? What are we going to eat. Figure that out, then clean up the kitchen again, and then try to get some kids down for a nap, and then off to check email and work on some story books or throw a load of laundry in.

Oh my gosh its 2:45 time to pick Gregory up from school. Run to school, sometimes bringing the girls without their shoes on. Come home, snacks...homework, more messes. Knock Knock on the door "Can we come play, our Dad said we have to be home by 5:45"

Oh my now its 5 and time for dinner. Then what to eat...I think this year I am going to focus on meal prep before 5. Then its time to fix the dinner "Where's dad? Will he be home?" "Oh just eat" Oh and time to nurse Timmy for the 5ht or sixth time....Dad's home...Feed him, kids want to play with him...its almost 8? Kids in the tub....Eric read them stories....I am exhausted....Crawl in to bed...and then it starts all over again....

Some things change each day like we might go to the library or get invited to visit at a friends....but day in and day out same old same old and I wonder what lesson haven't I learned yet?? You know because each life is filled with lessons and learning?? I guess I haven't mastered the cleaning up messes. Maybe I am just destined to clean??? Not sure....

Well Kids are disturbing their trying to nap dad and I have babbled on long enough about not much and Emily is now sad that her dad told her to leave her alone and she is headed upstairs to get me. Hope all is well with you!

We did have a really good Christmas, we got a WII need I say more? That's all we have done for the last week..so much fun and I have a sore arm....

Do I sound so negative...I don't mean too....I love my life, just seems rather repetitive lately..time to register for a class.

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