December 03, 2007

beginnings of my blog

I was motivated by a recent visit of a friend to start my own blog. I am not really sure how this really works or if anyone will ever read or see it. But I thought since my life is so exciting I'd begin by journaling it and sharing pictures of it. Anyone who has known me in the past knows I love to journal. And I typically do so in my little books by my night stand, but with four kids it is next to impossible for me to keep them up as I used to. So I thought hey why not try another way. And at the same time be able to share pictures, funny moments and life happenings with others. So here we go. And as for my blog title, well I feel I have the almost perfect American family although we don't have a dog or a picket fence but we do have a white tub! I love my little family and my life that I have with them. And I can't forget the wonderful husband Eric that I have. Well enjoy and maybe I will be able to post more! Lets just see.


JustRandi said...

Aww, Corrine, your kids are so cute! And your blog looks great!
Welcome to the blogging world!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Corrine, remember me? I saw your Christmas card to my mom and saw you have a blog. So I had to check it out, and I am laughing so hard here!! Your writing is really funny! I sometimes wonder if our kids will kill us someday over all the stuff we've published about them on the internet :)

Anyway, I've enjoyed the read. My blog isn't nearly so funny. I did just recently write about Jenny. It's been 10 years since she passed away, can you believe it?

Kristiana (Dahlquist)

sogratefultobemormon.wordpress.com said...

awh this is adorable corrine. i'm glad you started a bloggy for i have sure enjoyed the ride so far over here.

i also used to keep all kinds of little books (still do somewhat), but i like having a blog as a form of a journal better.

whenever i come over to your blog, you make me laugh or smile or both and i leave here with a big grin on my face. you rock girl.

kathleen :)

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