December 05, 2007

Keeping Kids in their beds sleeping is like trying to make a domino maze five miles long without it being knocked down before you finish!

You know how you are setting up one of those long domino mazes, carefully getting them close enough so that when you are ready to tip the first one, the whole thing goes down with out a hitch. But then your little charm bracelet, accidentally hits one of them and then the whole thing goes down down down and you try so hard to reach in and stop it mid way but by doing so push down more and then you have to start all over??!!!

Well I have decided that is how it is to get four kids sleeping all at the same time. Last night, we had no stories because we went to get a tv, a whole other story, and so the kids fell asleep in the car. Yeah for us, not having to battle the "I want one more story!" "Just one more please!!" and the leave the light on" and so on. But comes the intricate part of taking the kids out of the car one at a time, carefully going up the stairs to put them in their bed to make sure that they are still asleep, and stay that way.

Well we got 3 out of 4 safely in their beds. Timmy woke up and decided he wanted to stay awake and hang out for a bit. Well I get Timmy in bed, and decide to do a little emailing and cleaning up upstairs. Then I hear the moans and cries, that begin to set my little maze off. Bethany comes stumbling out of her room, adjusting her pull up and rubbing her eyes. Then she climbs in our bed. I figured I would move her to the blanket on the floor that we have out in case a child comes to our room at night, though sometimes I think it is an open invitation to come sleep on our floor.

When I am ready for bed I put Bethany on the floor, cover her up and then curl up in my bed. Not too long after I fall asleep, I hear the mumbling of another child, Emily. She crawls in to bed, not quietly thats for sure. After she gets herself comfortable, usually with a few feet under me and a few flips later. I finally fall asleep. Well I decide at some point my feet are rather cramped and I need to stretch. As I stretch my legs, I hear a THUMP and a WHHAAAAAAAAAA! Some how Bethany was next to me and Emily was at the bottom of the bed. I quickly try to calm her down and put her next to me, but she is screaming. So I put her on Eric, go to put Bethany on the ground on the floor bed, and Gregory is sleeping there. I put her next to him. Then Emily starts to calm down, when I begin to hear the whimpers and moans of Timmy. Eric decides to go work on the computer, I feed Timmy and finally finally all my dominos are in a row and we can sleep. Yeah isn't it fun!


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Jessica Howard said...

I don't think our routine at night is so bad, it is keeping the kids in bed in the morning. Once Hayden is awake he is up, even if it is at 4 in the morning. Thanks goodness that he goes downstairs and usually does not bother us.

Sheri said...

We just "enjoyed" a night of 2 kids with food poisoning... every 20 - 30 minutes and a dog that wouldn't stop licking!! I finally gave up about 3:20 a.m. and got Greg up to go out on the coucch to deal with it! I feel guilty now at least I do when I come out of the fog I am still in!! I can't imagine how he is dealing with work!
P.S. You my friend have a great talent for words and writing!!

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