May 13, 2008

Time Out Tuesday!

I officially declare it time out from life Tuesday! I am not complaining, ok so I am. I never thought of myself as a pessimistic person but I think I am becoming one. Well probably not pessimistic but more realistic. Or rather I just like to assume the worse and hope for the best kind of person. I am just tired from life right now and want to take a long vacation--6 months in Hawaii might do it :) though right now that is the top of my stressing me out list. So I am taking a time out because I am just tired, emotionally and physically.

In the last week I have:

1. Buried a loved one
2. Flown on an airplane
3. Signed papers on our house.
4. Went with out AC in the house for 5 days.
5. Lost the AC in my car. (those of you not in Texas, it is HOT and HUMID right now)
6. Had an inspector come to the home, and AC not working.
7. Have to pay the inspector to come back after the AC guy fixed and certified the AC unit as working and in great condition.
8. Got word that our home value has gone down 30,000 the last three years.
9. Realized, after a friend told me she was moving out of the neighborhood and I told her she couldn't leave me, that I am MOVING!
10. Discovered that I really do love my home and neighborhood and am so sad to be leaving.
11. Packed more boxes with tears streaming down my face.
12. Decided that having Mother's Day a few days after losing your Grandmother is hard.
13. Read a CareBear book and cried when the little girl was finally nice to her old neighbor and wished her happy birthday.
14. Weeded my yard, which in a few weeks won't be mine, as long as everything goes well...
15. Found out my Grandmother had serious heart problems starting at a young age (not much older than me) and have freaked out about the fact that I need to take better care of mine, though she did live to be 91.5
16. I paid way too much money for my second crown and still am in some pain from the work a few days ago.
17. Eaten a jar of really gross cheap chocolate waste of calories can of store bought frosting in a sitting.
18. Discovered that family relations are so important and so tender and very temperamental.
19. Realized that not all people are honest.
20. Decided I make my husband overly responsible for the finances and I have no ability to make good and reliable financial decisions, nor confront others about them.
21. didn't sleep enough this week to be of a sound mind to make any decisions.
22. Grocery shopped, spent too much money and don't have a thing to eat in my kitchen.
23. Want to go and eat out for dinner tonight but because of the market and selling this house and paying for other inspections on top of already paid inspections there is no wiggle room in our budget to go eat some greasy fries and hamburger.
24. Stressing out my young kids to the point that G-man thinks his body is failing him and that he is going to die and that we need to take him to the hospital right away because he can't yawn....ok this situation was so funny I couldn't stop laughing and the poor guy cried as I laughed at him because he was so irrational.
25. Spent way too much time on this boring, nonsense blog.
26. Yelled at my kids way too much.
27. Realized how much I love my kids and enjoy having hem around.
28. Went on a much needed date, and spent too much money on food but it was worth it.
29. Enjoy listening to my playlist and need to add more music.
30. Sat in the foyer at church for all my meetings because T-rex was fussy but more so, I was just too sad to sit and listen to the talks, lessons and such.

Alright I need to go and clean up the spray of captain crunch all over the game room...how did T-rex get the cereal up here and all over the floor....see this is why I don't take time outs!

PS I FORGOT TO MENTION MY WASHING MACHINE FLOODED MY LAUNDRY ROOM THE OTHER DAY! good thing I was about to do sheets and they soaked up most of the water...and did you know behind the washing machine is very dirty if you never clean there in ummmm lets just say years.

I love this song!


Nancy Face said...

I really liked the song before...but I LOVE it with the video! So cute! :D

Sorry things have been so hard lately...they've got to start getting better soon!

Sheri said...

Wow! you must have been typing really fast to get all of those words down!! Brie did the same with cereal right after I had vacuumed... some days it feels like a win is just not in the realm fo possbility!! Chin up! Love ya!

Bates Family said...

Ugh,,, the AC deal stinks espically in your car. So where are you guys moving? I must have missed that post. I am sorry about your Grandmother, that is NO fun. HUGS!!!!

Spar-Mar Girl said...

Now that's a good venting blog! I SOOOO feel your pain about the A/C in the car-I didn't have any A/C in my car for the 2 years I lived in Florida.

Congrats on being under contract on your house! I didn't know that-although it sounds like the buyers' agent the the agent Erin just went up against are brothers or something.

I can't imagine the roller coaster of emotions you're dealing with the past few weeks. Keeping hanging in there and know that 'this too shall pass!'

Good luck with everything! I'm sending you a big hug!!!!!

Marci said...

hang in there.... moving half way around the world is crappy (fun once you get there, crappy trying to get there). If you need a good cry, I'm always up for one, just give me a call.

bethykins said...

well if you need help packing boxes, i'm sure i can help... but i think that is the only think i can help out with... or i can babysit for free so you can go and just relax some.. idk. but just remember that everything that is happening is something that you can handle, and God wouldn't have it any other way.

i'm going to miss you guys when you move... lol.

Hey It's Di said...

You have had one crazy week! I'm sorry it's been that way for you. I am really hoping for ONLY good things to come your way this week:)
Take care!

Tonya said...

Oh boy, I'm exhausted just reading your post. You have been way to busy with way to much. Hopefully things will calm down soon.

Loved the video!!!

Jana said...

Yea! You sold your home! When will you close so you can start your new fun life in Hawaii?!

I had to laugh at your #9. I found myself doing the same thing last year when we were moving.

Oh...you asked about our house in Utah....it is in Logan. We close on it with the new owners in a couple of weeks.

Angela said...

So busy!
You do need some time to yourself.


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