May 18, 2008

Good Bye, Thank You and Birthday Party Invite

Well after everything is said and done, barring no back outs (the option period is over but there is one little loop hole they can jump out through if they wish), our house is sold. Eric and I have been packing like crazy this weekend and will be homeless this Friday the 23rd. Well not totally homeless since his parents have so graciously offered to let us stay in their home until we leave for Hawaii, which is still up in the air--the date when we leave that is. I 'd go into the details but then there is not enough time, and this email isn't about that anyway. You can always check out my blog for more fun family updates www.4kidsnodog.blogspot.com. Great place to visit too if this "we're moving" thing comes as a shock.

We want to invite you, and I know its kind of short notice-not as short as some of my invites- and it is still kind of tentative about the location--waiting to hear if the clubhouse is available, but regardless May 26 is Memorial Day as well as Two's 3rd birthday as well as most likely the last week we will be in Texas for a long while, and we want you to come to a little farewell, thank you for your help and friendship and a little happy birthday to "Two" (no gifts unless you really feel the urge to) party.

We'll provide the meat if y'all don't mind bringing a side, it would help a ton. We will have some drinks too, and whats a birthday party with out cake, so yeah that too.

This whole shin-dig will start at 3, (see its Two's 3rd, the month of MAY 3 letters, and the 26th which if you divide six by 2 you get 3, and I think I am a little sleep deprived). And it will be at my in laws clubhouse in Northwest Hills, off of xxxxx and xxxxx, I don't have the exact address, but when you RSVP back to me, I will get it to you :). And if it isn't available we'll let you know of the change of location. Also there is a swimming pool so bring your swimsuits and towels.

You can respond to the email, or call me or even text me. I am not sure when I will be packing up the phones, but my cell number won't change.

Ok I think I need some sleep, and really hope y'all can make it to our party because we'd love to say good bye and thank you to y'all one last time before we start saying Aloha. And if you have happened to have already moved, which many of our dear friends are moving as well, we are sorry we missed you and please keep in touch!


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