May 08, 2008

Some Great Ideas...

1. Great idea, automatic soap dispensers in public restrooms. Brilliant idea. Unless you are trying to wash a child's hand while wearing a long sleeve shirt and reach across to rinse the child's hands and get squirted by soap, not so great.

2. Opening up windows on a nice spring night. But if you are in Texas and its 88 degrees and high humidity, and your are forced to open them because your AC goes out the day before the future home owner's scheduled inspection.

3. Family and Special Needs get to the front of the airport security line LINE. Nice to get to the front and not wait in the airport security line, but if they close the line just in front of you and then let two flight crews ahead of you, what is the point?

4. Dental insurance. Why pay dental insurance when they don't pay for your crowns on your teeth because it's cosmetic??

5. Middle seats in an airplane? Is that a good idea? I mean really who really wants to sit between two men as you hold a baby and tempt to nurse him. Not me, its not fun.

6. Arm rests on a airplane. I love having armrests but really which one is yours and how do you fight for it with a stranger?

7. Self cleaning ovens. You got to love them, but why do you have to take the racks out and then wipe it down after it's done, that's as selfing cleaning, about as much as a potty trained toddler needing you to put them on the pot, then going potty and still needing a wipe.


Tonya said...

You make some great points for sure. I especially agree with the airplane one and the dumb dental insurance.

Marci said...

you make me smile!

katharine said...

welcome back

katharine said...

welcome back

iggee said...

ugh! I've planted myself on the floor of the car rental place in order to nurse Jack when he was a baby. There was nowhere to sit!

I hope you can get your AC working again soon! **sending cheap, fixable vibes**

Becky said...

wow. i'm really hoping you enjoy your date tomorrow night. [it's a date right?] lol.

airports are frustrating..they got mad because i don't have my state id yet..=[[. they made my debate coach go through first..and then let me through. I was like..yeah..b/c i hs student is going to hurt the security. lol.

Hey It's Di said...

Yeah, I have to agree with it all. I really hate sharing armrests & worse, sitting between men on flights! It's already torture without being surrounded by men:)

Yvonne said...

What a great list.

Hey, you have a buyer???

Home all went well in Utah.

Happy Mother's Day.

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