May 15, 2008

TeeHeeHee Thursday

Life has been so crazy that I could use a little laugh. Well I got one this morning. Eric woke up around 4:45 am, which I had been awake since 2:30 when G-man and B were fighting over floor space in our room, after kicking them out of my bed. Yeah I know that isn't very funny especially since T-rex "slept through the night" (well he woke up at 4 am which he hasn't slept straight from 8-4 for a long time). But anyway so Eric decides to just shower and leave for work.

Sometime between Eric going down stairs and him leaving G-man ended up in my bed. I finally started to fall back to sleep. Until I hear the door alarm and front door shut, when I realize Eric just left, G-man springs up in bed. He says in a panic, "MOM someone just broke into our house." I could hear the panic in his voice, and being that it still was dark, I could understand his concern. But it made me giggle. I reached over put my hand on his chest and with my most calming mom voice said "G its just Dad leaving for work. Go back to sleep." He did, I did, and then we were almost late for school, leaving the house with only a minute to spare.

Ok G-man has been saying some pretty random things. Not sure what is going through his head. But I was getting ready for our date on Saturday night and trying on different outfits. I came out and asked Eric if I looked nice. Notice I had to ask. :) G-man popped in "you look Gay."

"that isn't very nice."

B asked "What does Gay mean?"

G-man tells her "it means you like girls."

B replies "Oh Dad you are so Gay."

Then he has been going on this whole "i'm dying and my body is falling apart and you have to take me to the doctors right now." I am so not sure why he is feeling like he is falling apart and dying. He is a healthy little boy other than the few little accidents he has had lately. But Saturday and then Sunday night he threw this teary eyed fit swearing he was dying and we had to take him to the doctor. We tried to figure out what was wrong but he just said he was falling apart- probably heard me saying that one too many times. But he then looked at me, who at this point was laughing because it was so random, he said "I can't yawn." We assured him that he didn't need to yawn to survive. I tried yawning for him to provoke a yawn and it didn't work. The poor child couldn't yawn, and he was so frustrated, he just passed out and went to sleep.


Nancy Face said...

FIRST! Tee hee! :D

Nancy Face said...

Wow! Your life is just full of adventures! :0

Hey It's Di said...

Don't you just hate when you have to fish for a compliment from husbands? Fortunately, children are honest, although confused in their word choices:)

Kids say the funniest things and mine have all gone through times when they thought they were dying. No yawning? How is that? He just may be falling apart:D

wendster said...
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wendster said...

Too many typos! Had to delete and edit. LOL.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I just read your exercise blog, watched you elmocize with the kids, and read through this blog. Sorry they didn't give you a deal on the sectional or free shipping to Hawaii. You cracked me up about nursing in the middle seat and fighting for the armrest. I've nursed on planes but always had a family member next to me. Thank goodness.
Wish I could think of the name of that children's book ... might be called "I'm falling apart" but it's hilarious and it would help your son so much. Boogars come out his nose (evidence to him that he's losing his insides) scab on knee, teeth falling out ... he's absolutely CERTAIN he's falling apart. Rats. Wish I could remember.

I bet I look at my life the same way. Examining my evidence and so certain it means what I think it means.
So certain my kids will make me crazy til I get divorced and my ex takes 50% of the custody and I miss 'em like crazy when they are gone.
So certain I looked horrible/fat during that decade, til I got older and looked back at my photos and saw I looked so much better then.


You gave me pause to think. We like that in a blogger! I'll be back.

So Hawaii? That sounds pretty dang cool. I'm a little jealous. If you get a sea turtle in your back yard that's it. I'm officially turning green.
Oh yes. And my condolences on the week without AC and your grandmother's passing. We hate when things suck.
I hope things get to a place where you are feeling happier soon.


Angela said...

can't read
check my post.


Cheryl Anne said...

Wish I could've sent him a yawn, I've got plenty to spare :)

I love the fun/quirky/silly things kids say. thanks for sharing

Angela said...

I yawn a bit too much. I have got to get to bed.

Did you change sound settings.
I can read yea!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

That is hilarious. McCall used to come out of her room and wanted medicine. I usually gave in and gave her a tine sip of something, usually the worst so that she would quit, but she kept asking for more each night. It was hilarious.

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