May 02, 2008

At the store yesterday

I know I shouldn't be furniture shopping but Rooms to Go is having a big huge spring sale on furniture. I figured if they ship anywhere, they might as well ship it to my new living quarters in Hawaii. You won't believe the deal I got.

So I walk in, and am quickly approached by the sales agent. I tell him that I am just browsing but really want a new living room set. As I walk through the store, browsing and stopping to sit occasionally, my eyes find the set that I have always wanted! I can't handle that I let this set go. Even if we are moving I have to have it.

I sit down with the sales man and we talk numbers. I tell him first I have no money to buy it but would like to finance it. He says, "Sure, we have great financing, though there are a few fees involved." I bat my eyes and ask him to please wave those. I could see his mind thinking through the idea. Then he says, "Sure why not." I also asked him to take a thousand off the sales price. He has to ask the manager since it is already a great sale price. After he was gone for awhile he returned with his thumbs up. A deal it was.

So I got the financing on my knocked down price and him to pay or wave the fees involved in getting the furniture. Then he mentions delivery and set up is an additional $100 to any continental US state. Then I looked at him and said "well I need it delivered to Hawaii."

"There is $500 shipping fee." he replies.

"Come on, you probably already have some stuff shipping out to other stores there, why don't you just throw my stuff on and I can pick it up in Hawaii?"


This Livingroom Includes:
13 Pc Sectional $2,177.00
13 Pc Table Set $389.97

Sold Separately$2,566.97

Sale Price$2477

You Save$89.97

So in and all I got this couch for $1400, free shipping, free delievery and set up and no out of pocket expense to me. Did I tell you the financing was 0% interest for 3 years!

OK so this didn't really happen and would most likely never happen. Why is it that house buying rules don't apply to other sales? I mean it isn't ok for me to haggle with a furniture store this much and expect them to practically buy it for me but for some reason when buying a house it is OK, why is that??


Melissa said...

I'm enjoying your playlist right now :)
I wish you could bargain with furniture stores... it would be so nice. We got a good deal not too long ago on a set, but we shopped for a long time before we finally found it!

Tonya said...

Oh man, you had me going there for a minute. That is a great sectional. My in-laws have one that is similar but not quite as big. I think we should be able to haggle a bit more on things.

Cheryl Anne said...

You had me going too, I'm way too gullible. I was thinking I really want to know where this store is, I could use a good deal on some furniture. LOL

katharine said...

why don't you just GIVE your house away? nice analogy.

Hey It's Di said...

Oh darn! I was hoping for some great furniture deal. I remember Hawaii and it sure wasn't cheap to buy ANYTHING there. But the mere beauty (and weather) makes up for it:D

Nancy Face said...

I was thinking to myself, "Self, why can't you wheel and deal the same way Corrine can? She's pretty much da bomb!"

Yeah, I fell for it! ;)

You asked a very good question, and I don't know the answer! :0

Heidi said...

I wish my husband would quit trying to haggle for everything--dinner, groceries, etc.

It's a little embarrassing, I have to say.

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