May 29, 2008

One of those days!

Did you ever have one of those days where you get up and get the kids breakfast after a night of no sleep because of a crying baby and a kicking three year old.

Breakfast isn't good enough.

Then you think oh wouldn't it be fun to decorate Dad's cubicle for an office party. Yeah well blowing up inflatable rafts and balls and 24 balloons with four young kids is not a quick little chore. And it is more fun to blow up a balloon as full as possible and let it go flying around spraying spit all over co workers. At least they pretended to think they were cute.

Then you decide to drive around town dropping off thank you gifts before meeting up for a play date. But to save on gas you drive the compact car, compacting the kids into a tiny bubble. They seem to be much more in your face than when in the Suburban. And your three year old thinks its a great game to climb out of her car seat over and over again. While your seven year old thinks its funny to pull his five year old sisters hair and hit his 11 month old brother on the head with a stick.

After the fun drive you go to the park to have lunch and meet up with a friend. Fun for the kids. Fun for you. Until your 11 month old decides to eat all the dirt and sticks, and spill your diet coke all over himself and you. Then when it is time to go the kids decide to throw a fit because they aren't done yet.

Then you take them home, where they all fall asleep. You think great I will sneak them into the house in their beds and take a nap. Well the garage door doesn't open. And you are staying at your in laws town house, where you have to hike around to the front door, to get into the house and then open the garage. By the time you get back, half are awake, and well the youngest is put in his crib. Then the second youngest is carried in and brought up a flight of stairs to the bed next to the crib because y'all are in one room for the most part, and then starts screaming. In fear of waking the baby you take her down stairs hoping she will fall asleep on the couch.

In the mean while the older kids begin sweeping up all the leaves in the back porch and garage area. A nice gesture but involves you going out in the 100 degree heat and humidity to help them. To miss your only chance of rest but not to worry too much because the baby wakes up in the middle and you can't even finish the cleaning you start.

Everyone is tired. It is 2:30 and you don't know what to do. So you lather them all up in sunscreen and go out to the swimming pool out front. You let the older two swim around and have fun. Until they decide they are done. You are too because its hot and your tired. But then a cousin shows up. And then the kids get dressed. And start throwing things back into the pool, when you asked them not too. No one listens. Out of frustration you throw your clothed daughter back in the pool to retrieve the pool items she threw in.

Then she throws a fit, out of exhaustion and frustration because she wants to go back into the house, where you were banned because their was after school scouts going on. Then she throws a bigger fit because no one will play mother may I with her. Because she is yelling at them.

The wonderful aunt decides to take them for a walk. Seems to possibly divert the tantrum. So you get a chance to shower and get the baby down for a nap. Well almost, you start to nurse the baby to only have the kids come back screaming about how they are starving. Mind you while pool side they had chips and popsicles, so you know they aren't starving. But most likely because they were told by their grandma to stay up stairs they had to throw a fit about something.

Then your grandma invites the son to join the scouts leaving the five year old daughter the chance to throw another fit because she wasn't invited to join either. What do you say? What do you do??

And your husband has been out of town all week and you have not had your own bed to sleep in or own space for over a week? And you are feeling very uncertain about what is going to happen next in your life?? Feeling kind of like between Harry Potter Novels (not that I have read them) but just dying to get the next sequel but you have to wait???

And did I mention you are feeling a little on edge for being in someone elses house and trying to keep your kids from destroying things and making messes and making too much noise and basically afraid to live normally???


Tonya said...

Oh boy, that's just about more than one person should have to take. I do hope it gets better soon.

katharine said...

i am hoping to hear you get your tickets to hawaii very soon. and that you live it up for the next 6 months!

Yvonne said...

I hope all of this doesn't last too much longer. That is so hard.

Sheri said...

I am so sorry and I can sooooo relate to all of it! I've been there and done that for the past 3 or has it been 4 years?! Anyway, you hae my total sympathy, empathy and all of the pathy stuff! You're strong and I know you will get through it! Hang in there friend... I hear there is light at the end of the tunnel... Imight even be catching a glimpse!
Love you!

Corine said...

Please inform me further about you as I just don't recollect who you are. Your blog is really interesting and I look forward to knowing more of how you might know me. Corine Gregersen

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

You are hilarious Corrine. I am not sure I am looking to close quarters when we come to stay at my moms. Hope is is fun. It is always nice to have your own place and not feel like you are constantly in the way of others.

Angela said...

Sounds crazy. After you get there take a break for yourself
you need it.

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