November 08, 2010

Maui our first lodgings

When Eric started doing contract work for Hart again, he was only going to be gone a few weeks at at time. And he negotiated with them, one trip instead of him flying home, they'd fly me here instead. Well it ended up that they changed and extended his contract, meaning he didn't get to leave at all. So as you know we ended up taking the kids out here, a few weeks ago. But my solo trip was still on the table, and I could not not come, so here I am, alone in Maui with my husband, while my parents take care of our kids! THANK YOU!!!!!!! Anyway so when Eric was prepping for our vacation, he texted me one day and asked me if I'd prefer a big over crowded resort or a quiet secluded bed and breakfast, and well you can see what I responded..........

 This is our little secluded bungalow. We are at a little spa resort out in the "middle" of "nowhere" but it is gorgeous and quiet. You know it is relaxing and tranquil when you lay down for an afternoon nap and wake up the next day, right?
 My son wanted me to take pictures from every angle. There aren't too many angles in a one room studio, so here you have it. When you walk in you see the bed. And night stands.
 Above the front area, looking from the bed, is the painted loft area, not sure what it is used for but i love the painting.
And here you are looking from the bed, to the glassed front door, the little kitchen, dining table, and Eric :) To the right of Eric is the loo.

It is a nice little place, nestled in a scenic lush environment. We leave today to head to Hana and will be staying in a similar place set in the rain forest, and our shower is on the back porch!  Bet you can't wait to see pictures, I know I can't wait to see it.

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