November 10, 2010

Maui: Sun Rise, Sun Set

Sunday morning we woke up early, wasn't too hard since Saturday we lay down for a nap at 3 and slept through the night. So we got up, dressed, well actually I was already dressed, since I fell asleep dressed. Anyway we drove up to Lakalahala (have no idea how it is spelled) the highest point in Maui, 10,000 feet.

 It was dark and chilly, ok cold. Notice the outside temperature. We left our place and  it was 65 and we showed up and it was 46. Quite chilly but very clear and beautiful out.

 And here comes the sun, I took over 100 pictures of the sun coming up, and for some reason this is the one I chose....the clouds were amazing, and the black here is the dormant crater part of the volcano. It was truly gorgeous!
 And here are our silhouettes with the rising sun.
 That would be me, standing out in the cold wind, behind me, all the clouds and well that is maui down below the clouds...
 Eric at the summit. And after we drove back down the really winding road, we got dressed for church and headed on out. It turns out it was stake conference, and the stake here includes the whole island of Maui and the neighboring islands of Lanai, and Molokai.  When we arrived to the stake center we were a little late, and the place was packed full of people. One of our twelve apostles, Elder Holland was speaking. It was a great opportunity to hear him speak. 

And after church we headed over to the town of Lahaina. Gorgeous little town. We had stopped to get lunch, and walked on the beach. As we walked we watched boats pull up to shore, and Eric and I looked at each other and said, "i'd love to go on one of those." so we went up and spoke to the boat cruising lady, and scheduled a ride. We had an hour and a half to kill before the ride so we strolled the town a little.

You may wonder why I took a picture of this rock? Well it has some great history.
 This is a birthing rock! Can you imagine, all ready to give birth and your doctor or midwife grabs you and takes you out to sea, to welcome your child into the world among the rocks, waves and crabs, yes there were lots of crabs down there.
 Beautiful town!
 The American II our boat that we sailed on. It was an amazing sail. Did I mention we saw a humpback whale too? Yes we did, it was playing around in the harbor while we were waiting to get on the boat. It truly was amazing, and very sad I didn't get a picture of it.
 At some point during the sailing, I literally was standing, and Eric was on the other side, sitting, getting soaked by the water, a little fear entered me, causing me to feel like the boat was going to flip but it didn't but you know its a great sailing day when the captain who has been doing these tours for 12 years, pulls out his camera and takes pictures. It was awesome.
 So this is me, and if my battery weren't about to die, I'd post all the pictures I took while Eric was driving. He was pretty good about pulling over for me, but I got to the point where I just rolled down the window and shot away.
 We did stop along the way and put our feet in the sand and the water, Eric wrote in the sand, "Eric loves corrine" actually I wrote it and he pretended like he did for my picture :)
 Isn't it gorgeous!? Such a beautiful beach. Love the black sand.
One of the many beach pictures I took along the way. I love the water, it just fascinates me. I could sit for hours and watch the waves crash.  Though interestingly enough we haven't spent much time on the beach. 

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