November 08, 2010

Maui: Sea Life, Ocean, Mountian Side and water!

If you are ever in Maui, where ever you may be staying, might I strongly recommend the Tasty Crust. Truly a local experience.  And reading the reviews one might get the impression that locals only should go but I loved it.  Still craving my fried rice with breakfast meats. It was delicious, and the banana pancakes exploded with flavor in my mouth. Yeah the place is a little run down, old time cafe, not been updated since its opening, but that is what gives it, its charm. Loved it!
 After breakfast we headed to the harbor, not sure which one, or where, but near the island of Lanai, and not too far from the aquarium.  We took a boat out to a little crater thing called Molokini.  Its near another island, can't think of its name, but was used for bombing by the US army and is no longer in habitable.  But anyway on our way out, the dolphins came out to play. I have to say if I were an animal, a dolphin I would be.  They just amaze me, with their playful personalities, beauty and athleticism.  I love to see the jump, dive, splash, flip and spin.  Watching them in the water, was like watching a bunch of teenage boys playing on jet skis in the wakes. So full of energy and life!
This here is a mother spotted dolphin with her calf, they stay so close together and their movements just match each other.

There were so many of them and all over, and the captain kept circling making more wakes, I wish I was able to hold on and take more pictures, but was so happy to see I captured this one on a dive.

 Here we have the back side of Molokini, where we had done some snorkeling. I love being in the water, and just watching the fish swim.  I could spend hours, but we only had 1.5. So after snorkeling we got our lunch on the boat and drove around the "island". 
And on our way back the sea turtles were popping up for air. Did you know they can hold their breath for up to 5 hours? Amazing.

here is my handsome guy on the boat. didn't get to many pictures of the boat or ourselves. but who wants to see a bunch of pictures of us right?
 After our boating, we took a little scenic drive up to Iao Valley. Beautiful lush green mountains, where a famous Hawaiian war took place. The water from several different water falls, converged to form a pretty raging river. The beauty amazed me. I think amazed is the word of the day.

After we walked around and even picked some fresh guava, Eric hadn't had it before, and don't think he ever will, since he spit it out. It is an acquired taste, and thanks to Heather S. J at BYU-H and our hikes behind the school, I grew to like it. We headed home, to shower up and go to dinner. As we drove, we saw the most amazing full rainbow, it was a double but I don't think I got the twin in it.

We arrived home, Eric lay down for a nap and I showered, got ready to go out again, but decided to lay down too, we slept til the next day at 3 am, when we got up and headed out to watch the sun rise. I guess we were really exhausted!

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