January 30, 2010

Cleaning out Files

My body has left me home from work, sick in bed with a laptop and digital pictures to hang out with.   It hasn't been too bad of  a day minus, the many trips to the restroom.  My parents took the girls and the boys and I have just been hanging out.  It has been nice. 

Eric took G-Man to get a much needed haircut this morning. This is a picture of him earlier this month. His bangs were in his eyes this morning. 

 I must say though, I am a MEAN MEAN HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD MOM.......not because I let him go several months with out a cut, or a brush most days, but because I laughed so hard when he came in.  Not sure what they stylist was thinking but he gave him more of a bowl cut.  With my advanced degree in haircutting, OK I watched the video when I got my clippers, I trimmed him up a little more, making his bush look more like a boy hair cut rather than a Dorothy Hammel Cut...He is much happier and now has stopped crying and said he will go to school now. 
This is taken after I fixed it!

I am not normally so mean with laughing at my children, but it really was bad and he had every reason to cry and I should of been more loving, but glad he let me kind of fix it up.  I tried to take the roundness out of his bangs. And the fullness off his back.  He is a darling little boy. And so glad he let me cut his hair, but a friend just stopped by and said....LAUGHING...."you got your hair cut!"  hope he doesn't change his minde about going to school and being teased.  Though I assured him that it was more shoking to see his handsome face than anything.  He then said "well after we played he didn't say anything more about my hair, I guess people will just get used to it, like he did."   Yes they will and you do look handsome!

T-Rex, I must say is a much happier boy with out his sisters around, well besides the fact that he is crying right now, but he has just been playing and doing his own thing.  Granted he did take the girls dolls, and bring them to me in bed to babysit, while he drove his train to "mcdonalds" to get me some fries and a coke.  He has also enjoyed pushing around a stroller with out someone taking it from him.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the girls. 

And while my insides have been flushing themselves clean, I have been downloading and organizing all my pictures....

Its hard to believe this was a year ago....my birthday!
And here I am this month.....
And look at little T-Rex....last year
And here he is today:....

Time sure is flying!   Here I am with G-Man last year at this time too...

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