January 21, 2010

Wowsers....Time is flying!

I dont' know why I am always surprised at how fast time goes, and how it just seems to go faster and faster each year. 

I haven't had my own personal computer for some time now and rely on the kindness of my husband to leave me his laptop.  Though with me working full time now I rarely find time to sit down and think, let a lone write...and I sure miss writing and documenting my life....whether or not  it has been fun lately. 

Life has a way of showing you that you are blessed despite the feelings of being forgotten by the wayside.  This whole thing in Haiti has shined some light on my life.  And though I know they have it bad, the worst of the worst, it hasn't taken away my personal trials just made them feel a little lighter. 

Humbling this month has been, with many of our own personal struggles, I began working in houskeeping in the hospital.  I actually enjoy it.  I like working with my hands an interacting with people.   Some would rather not be bothered but most just want to chat.  It is fun hearing their stories and meeting some amazing people. And I love hearing thank you.   But I can't help but think, how sad the nations state is in when after going to college and getting a degree, I am working hourly and minimum wage....It is humbling. 

A fellow housekeeper asked me what I did before this job, when I informed her that I had taught school and been staying at home, she asked shockingly why I was doing housekeeping.  To which I replied...it was the only thing I could get right now, and I am grateful to have a job.  I am...and yet sometimes it is just plain humbling to be doing what I am doing.  Not that I am a proud person, but it just is surprising that this is all I could find right now. 

The plus to it all is that with in six months I can apply for other jobs within the hospital, and they will pay for furthering my education.  So my goal is to go to school to become a nurse, and later become a nurse educator....we will see how this will happen. But I feel there is a reason why this housekeeping job came to me, if not for just plain humbling me, feeding my family but for develping my character and furthering my ability to help provide for our family. 

And on another note!!!

BEE turned 7!!! my little chipmunk is such a grown up girl.  She wanted an under the sea birthday dinner. So we decked out the front room with fish from the ceiling, I made fish shapped hamburger patties and a fish bowl cake.  I think she had fun. 

It is just amazing to me that she is now 7! that just seems so old....I remember being seven!  She still is my starer and thinker.  Though she has found her voice and likes to use it to make sure others are following the instructions and staying in line.  She is doing fairly well in school, though struggling a bit to read.  But she loves to read and has been really working hard on it.

She got a bike for her birthday, and with all the snow she really hasn't had a chance to use it much, though she has been trying.  We love her and are so glad to have her in our family. 

Wow I was long winded....and I still haven't found the spell check thing........

And I think I devoured a whole bag of corn nuts while typing this.....


Shannon said...

You would be such a good nurse and I was thinking that even before I read that is what you would like to do! That is such a cute cake.

Yvonne said...

It is really sad what is going in with the economy. I'm so glad you have a good attitude about the whole thing. After all, what else can you do.

Good luck with the nursing goals--sounds great.

Happy Birthday to Bee.

Sheri said...

As long as it leads to something better and you can learn from it it is all good - right?! Hopefully the next 6 months will pass quickly and it will all work out for the best.

Janine said...

I am glad you are enjoying your job. It is funny the way some things are enjoyable that you might not anticipate. I hope things get easier soon!

.:Anna:. said...

I know how you feel about the job-that's how I feel. "I got a degree and this is what I am doing?"

That birthday cake is FABULOUS!

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