January 07, 2010

My Thread Broke!

I have been saying we have been hanging by a thread, and today that thread broke.  We have fallen and landed flat on our faces. I am stunned but not shoked by the fall, yet all I can do is lay here, numb with pain.  I will brush myself off, get up and find another rope to grab onto and hope this one doesn't fray too fast, because my upper arm strength isn't that strong.

You know the joke of the roofer who falls and quickly says a prayer "Oh Lord please help me not fall off this roof." and then his shirt gets caught on a nail, with his feet dangling over the edge, and he looks up and says "Never Mind, I got it!"   Unlike him I am very well aware of the nails the Lord throws in to catch me....but right now I am not seeing that nail.... 

Other than........

Monday morning I start training for my $8.00 an hour job.  I am grateful for my job and for the opportunity to make some money. Not sure how its going to support a family of six, but it will have to, because the unemployment that was keeping us barely afloat, is now gone.  And if we needed prayers before we need than more than ever now. 

And to all my friends and family who are going through similar things,I guess we all have our struggles,  my heart and prayers go out to you for I just know how hard it is and at the same time know that everything will work out, it will, I just have to put some ice on my stings.

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Yvonne said...

I don't know what to say except--Hang in there. Sounds trite and stupid, but it's all I have. And, of course, my testimony that God is mindful of us. Hugs.

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