January 07, 2010

G-Man Stands Alone

Here in the great state of Utah, they do what is called Reflections...not sure how many other states do them but they didn't do it in Hawaii or Texas.  Anyway its a state wide art contest.  There are all kinds of different categories.  Bee did an amazing floral picture using dried flowers, she got a recognized award and stood among crowds of other young budding artist.  Though I am saying this not just because I am her mother, but her picture really rocked and I think the judges didn't know what they were doing. 

Well Eric took the kids a few weeks back for the awards night at their elementary school, and as I had stated Bee stood in a crowd of many, so it wasn't so obvious that her parents didn't bring a camera to capture the award ceremony night. 

When it came to the 3D art, guess who was the only one in the WHOLE school that submitted a 3D art??  Yeah G-Man....so he walked up to the stage as Eric chased down T-rex,  and when he noticed the silence, G-Man standing alone, and the principal asking if he had gotten a picture, Eric felt as a deer in headlights. Not only did he forget his camera, and his son was standing alone, and there was a large silence over the audience but he was chasing down a two year old.   

So tonight as he took the older three to the ceremony, I made sure he walked out with a camera, because what if G-Man is the only one in the district that did 3D art....can't have another one of those awkward bad parent moments again. 

BEAUTY is snow fallen on a castle.....or something like that was his title.

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