January 30, 2010

Cleaning out Files

My body has left me home from work, sick in bed with a laptop and digital pictures to hang out with.   It hasn't been too bad of  a day minus, the many trips to the restroom.  My parents took the girls and the boys and I have just been hanging out.  It has been nice. 

Eric took G-Man to get a much needed haircut this morning. This is a picture of him earlier this month. His bangs were in his eyes this morning. 

 I must say though, I am a MEAN MEAN HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD MOM.......not because I let him go several months with out a cut, or a brush most days, but because I laughed so hard when he came in.  Not sure what they stylist was thinking but he gave him more of a bowl cut.  With my advanced degree in haircutting, OK I watched the video when I got my clippers, I trimmed him up a little more, making his bush look more like a boy hair cut rather than a Dorothy Hammel Cut...He is much happier and now has stopped crying and said he will go to school now. 
This is taken after I fixed it!

I am not normally so mean with laughing at my children, but it really was bad and he had every reason to cry and I should of been more loving, but glad he let me kind of fix it up.  I tried to take the roundness out of his bangs. And the fullness off his back.  He is a darling little boy. And so glad he let me cut his hair, but a friend just stopped by and said....LAUGHING...."you got your hair cut!"  hope he doesn't change his minde about going to school and being teased.  Though I assured him that it was more shoking to see his handsome face than anything.  He then said "well after we played he didn't say anything more about my hair, I guess people will just get used to it, like he did."   Yes they will and you do look handsome!

T-Rex, I must say is a much happier boy with out his sisters around, well besides the fact that he is crying right now, but he has just been playing and doing his own thing.  Granted he did take the girls dolls, and bring them to me in bed to babysit, while he drove his train to "mcdonalds" to get me some fries and a coke.  He has also enjoyed pushing around a stroller with out someone taking it from him.  

Thanks Mom and Dad for taking the girls. 

And while my insides have been flushing themselves clean, I have been downloading and organizing all my pictures....

Its hard to believe this was a year ago....my birthday!
And here I am this month.....
And look at little T-Rex....last year
And here he is today:....

Time sure is flying!   Here I am with G-Man last year at this time too...

January 21, 2010

Wowsers....Time is flying!

I dont' know why I am always surprised at how fast time goes, and how it just seems to go faster and faster each year. 

I haven't had my own personal computer for some time now and rely on the kindness of my husband to leave me his laptop.  Though with me working full time now I rarely find time to sit down and think, let a lone write...and I sure miss writing and documenting my life....whether or not  it has been fun lately. 

Life has a way of showing you that you are blessed despite the feelings of being forgotten by the wayside.  This whole thing in Haiti has shined some light on my life.  And though I know they have it bad, the worst of the worst, it hasn't taken away my personal trials just made them feel a little lighter. 

Humbling this month has been, with many of our own personal struggles, I began working in houskeeping in the hospital.  I actually enjoy it.  I like working with my hands an interacting with people.   Some would rather not be bothered but most just want to chat.  It is fun hearing their stories and meeting some amazing people. And I love hearing thank you.   But I can't help but think, how sad the nations state is in when after going to college and getting a degree, I am working hourly and minimum wage....It is humbling. 

A fellow housekeeper asked me what I did before this job, when I informed her that I had taught school and been staying at home, she asked shockingly why I was doing housekeeping.  To which I replied...it was the only thing I could get right now, and I am grateful to have a job.  I am...and yet sometimes it is just plain humbling to be doing what I am doing.  Not that I am a proud person, but it just is surprising that this is all I could find right now. 

The plus to it all is that with in six months I can apply for other jobs within the hospital, and they will pay for furthering my education.  So my goal is to go to school to become a nurse, and later become a nurse educator....we will see how this will happen. But I feel there is a reason why this housekeeping job came to me, if not for just plain humbling me, feeding my family but for develping my character and furthering my ability to help provide for our family. 

And on another note!!!

BEE turned 7!!! my little chipmunk is such a grown up girl.  She wanted an under the sea birthday dinner. So we decked out the front room with fish from the ceiling, I made fish shapped hamburger patties and a fish bowl cake.  I think she had fun. 

It is just amazing to me that she is now 7! that just seems so old....I remember being seven!  She still is my starer and thinker.  Though she has found her voice and likes to use it to make sure others are following the instructions and staying in line.  She is doing fairly well in school, though struggling a bit to read.  But she loves to read and has been really working hard on it.

She got a bike for her birthday, and with all the snow she really hasn't had a chance to use it much, though she has been trying.  We love her and are so glad to have her in our family. 

Wow I was long winded....and I still haven't found the spell check thing........

And I think I devoured a whole bag of corn nuts while typing this.....

January 09, 2010

my space....

yeah its just now working for me....and I am sitting here thinking of what I can do to make it more efficient for me, other than just throwing everything away....I think I am having a bad case of cabin fever, as I can't take the kids for walks, becase half the sidewalks are covered in ice and snow....and well I just really don't have the energy to take them all somewhere all the time...basketball practice for G last night was enough to wipe me out.

so instead of sitting here thinking about what to do, I am just going to do it. 

my room will now be the tv/boys room, the girls room will be theirs and eric and i are headed to the basement....just got to get the TV antenna to work down there for me :)  we will see how this goes....I really should just be sweeping up the crumbs and messes not creating more.....oh well I am figety and can't stand this anymore....

January 07, 2010

G-Man Stands Alone

Here in the great state of Utah, they do what is called Reflections...not sure how many other states do them but they didn't do it in Hawaii or Texas.  Anyway its a state wide art contest.  There are all kinds of different categories.  Bee did an amazing floral picture using dried flowers, she got a recognized award and stood among crowds of other young budding artist.  Though I am saying this not just because I am her mother, but her picture really rocked and I think the judges didn't know what they were doing. 

Well Eric took the kids a few weeks back for the awards night at their elementary school, and as I had stated Bee stood in a crowd of many, so it wasn't so obvious that her parents didn't bring a camera to capture the award ceremony night. 

When it came to the 3D art, guess who was the only one in the WHOLE school that submitted a 3D art??  Yeah G-Man....so he walked up to the stage as Eric chased down T-rex,  and when he noticed the silence, G-Man standing alone, and the principal asking if he had gotten a picture, Eric felt as a deer in headlights. Not only did he forget his camera, and his son was standing alone, and there was a large silence over the audience but he was chasing down a two year old.   

So tonight as he took the older three to the ceremony, I made sure he walked out with a camera, because what if G-Man is the only one in the district that did 3D art....can't have another one of those awkward bad parent moments again. 

BEAUTY is snow fallen on a castle.....or something like that was his title.

My Thread Broke!

I have been saying we have been hanging by a thread, and today that thread broke.  We have fallen and landed flat on our faces. I am stunned but not shoked by the fall, yet all I can do is lay here, numb with pain.  I will brush myself off, get up and find another rope to grab onto and hope this one doesn't fray too fast, because my upper arm strength isn't that strong.

You know the joke of the roofer who falls and quickly says a prayer "Oh Lord please help me not fall off this roof." and then his shirt gets caught on a nail, with his feet dangling over the edge, and he looks up and says "Never Mind, I got it!"   Unlike him I am very well aware of the nails the Lord throws in to catch me....but right now I am not seeing that nail.... 

Other than........

Monday morning I start training for my $8.00 an hour job.  I am grateful for my job and for the opportunity to make some money. Not sure how its going to support a family of six, but it will have to, because the unemployment that was keeping us barely afloat, is now gone.  And if we needed prayers before we need than more than ever now. 

And to all my friends and family who are going through similar things,I guess we all have our struggles,  my heart and prayers go out to you for I just know how hard it is and at the same time know that everything will work out, it will, I just have to put some ice on my stings.

January 03, 2010

Happy New Year

Can you believe that we are into a new Decade?  My how time flies! 

Two is watching the Hannah Montana Movie and her dad, whats his name.....Billy Ray...is singing the whole "get your dog back, your house back..." you know that song....well just made me think that sometimes my life sure is a country song.  But you know what after all is said and done I am grateful for last year. I have discovered some great things about myself, and some not so great things.  I am blessed and for some reason God keeps blessing me.  He has given me numerous angels to watch over me. I have wonderful kids, despite their exhuberance (sp? still haven't foudn the new spell check button.) I have wonderful friends that know that not everyone is perfect, including me and still love me.  I have gained a deeper understanding of how much we dictate our own happiness, and regardless of circumstances I am happy.  Thanks all for being with me and being such a huge support through out this year.
And for putting up with ME!!! How could you not love this face???

And on to more fun notes!  We got SNOW!!!  well that is n't that fun to me, but man we got snow and more snow....and so the kids and I on New Years day built a snow slide.  We had a blast playing on it as well as building it.  So for your viewing pleasure...SNOW PICTURES!!!

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