May 29, 2010

Two is NOW 5!!!!

Her first morning as a FIVE YEAR OLD!! Where has the time gone????

The birthday morning starts off with a little self portrait! Love her brown eyes! And she has the most perfect huge smile!!! This year has been a crazy one, and I feel for Two because her birthday always falls around the end of the school year, which is always a crazy few weeks.  So instead of a party, she invited one friend, her best little girl friend to lunch!  They had their own table at Chili's and had a blast. And that evening we had a family get together where we were able to wish her happy birthday!

Two...well not like you can't see her name, was so excited to blow out her candles that she blew one out before the others came to sing to her.  Actually the day of her birthday my oldest niece Anna graduated from high school!  I was a senior in high school when she was born!!!  She was kind enough to share her evening with Two!  Thanks Anna, and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
After we sang happy birthday, she ran up to me and said "is it present time??"  I felt a tinge of guilt because it wasn't her birthday party, and not that I was totally expecting her aunts and uncles to gift her, my heart hurt for her. Luckily her nanny and aunt alyson came through.  She was so excited to get her movie, and pretty pink twirly skirt and pets. 

We love you TWO!!  Happy Happy Birthday! You are such a joy and light in our family! You make me smile everyday! Who couldn't smile with your big contagious smile!!!


Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

I can't believe that they are 5 already. Glad that she had a fun birthday.

Angela said...

Time goes by so fast.

Happy birthday to Two.

It is hard to believe kindergarten is just arund the corner.
My son is headed off to Kindergarten too next year.

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