May 29, 2010

Go to the light!

Bee planted a seed at school and it was set in a little milk carton, that I set into a little pot on my window sill.  It is behind the curtain, away from the sun.  While I was washing dishes yesterday, I noticed how the poor little stem was growing and bending around the curtain to get to the sunlight! 

For some reason the scene from Poltergiest jumped into my mind, "CarolAnne, don't go into the light!"  "no you need to tell her to go into the light!"  "But I thought you told me to tell her not to go into the light!" "That was before, she needs to go into the light!"

Anyway, I think we all need a light to grow too, a light to direct us in our lives!  Sometimes I feel like I am hiding behind my curtain and not heading towards the light, more because it is comfortable in the dark, hidden? 

There is a scripture that states, "let thy light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven!" 

I wonder if I am the light that my little children are growing and looking to find to be like! I see so many times their little necks peaking around the corners, trying to find me and some direction in their life....I hope I am providing enough light for them.  Hope I am a bright enough light for them to continue to grow and become great people.

So don't hide behind your curtains, and don't hide your light behind curtains so others can continue to grow and learn!


Cheryl Anne said...

What a beautiful thought! Thanks for sharing this. :)

Susan said...

I spend awhile reading on your blog. First, I have that same character flaw, and at a late age in life am trying to correct it, at least some.
Secondly, I love the quote. I have always tried to say it in some way, but never quite so elequently or profound, so thank you. Your children are beautiful. But why not go ahead and get a dog. LOL. Thank you for letting me visit.

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