December 01, 2010

December 1...slippery, shattering, coughing--CAUTION WOUND PICTURE

You know when you make a comment or say something, it can open and cause the total opposite. At least I believe so, and think I need to remember that and not say anything.  Because the other day I mentioned how we have been accident and major illness free for at least 5 months.....July was the last hospital visit.

So I noticed on Saturday T was getting a little congested, and actually spent the whole night crying and kicking. Then by Monday he was so bad, Eric took him to the doctors. He has bronchitis...oh and he is hacking away right now. Poor kid. He sounds so bad. 

Then yesterday, I went to go do a little visiting teaching, I know the last month, nothing like getting it in on the last day. However, my adventure was thwarted by barking jumping dogs and a thick patch of ice and cement stairs. As I stepped on the top step, heading to the basement, the dogs on the other side of the railing jumped and barked, startling me, to where I lost my footing and fell hard down and then slid a few steps.  It hurt. A lot. I composed myself and knocked on her door. I was relieved that she wasn't home, and I as I headed back up the tears just flowed. I hurt. I still hurt. But surprisingly there are no bruises, just a dime size dent in my left arm.

After the kids came home, they decided to help Eric put together a shelf.  I was upstairs folding laundry and trying to clean with my hand held clenched to my chest. G came running up "Mom you need to take me to the ER. NOW!"  I thought maybe he put a nail through his hand but then I saw the blood coming from his fingers that were covering his arm. 

"What happened?"

"T opened our bedroom window and when I went to shut it, my hand slipped and my arm went through it."

I think I was still trying to register what was going on, as I grabbed some paper towels to wrap it. He removed his hand and I almost passed out seeing his cut. Then I asked if the whole window broke.

He said he pulled his arm back out and the glass shattered everywhere. Then the poor sweet kid, who if you don't remember has broke three other windows this year, one car and two house ones, said "I really really wish I had broken the window differently."

I finished wrapping him up and he and Eric flew well didn't fly but took off to the hospital. They got in right away and were out in less than an hour. However I made it over there after getting the other kids to be tended by my friend. 

I made it just in time to see him get the remainder four of his seven stitches. Funny thing. Like I mentioned my arm really hurts, and unintentionally I have/had been resting it close to my body on my chest. I walked into the ER and the security guard looks at me and says "you need to be seen? are you ok?"  When I told him I was here to see my son, the nurse came out and took me to him and asked if I was ok. 

So I just asked the doctor kind of what I should do. He asked me if I could extend my arm, and I showed him I could but that it wasn't comfortable. He said "if it were a fracture you'd be in a lot of pain, not be able to move it. There'd be lots of bruising and swelling. With out looking and really evaluating it, I'd take some Motrin, ice it and if it still hurts in the morning, come back and get an x ray because that is really the only way we can tell." 

It still hurts this morning, but not quite as bad, my shoulder and back are worse for the wear today, but I think the pain has lessen so much in my arm that now I am able to feel the other stuff. But there still is that dent in the side of my arm.  I thought maybe the contact between my arm and the icy cement just had pushed my fat in, but who knows. We will see how the day goes. But I seem to recall a couple of my kids being able to move their broken arms...and no swelling or bruising, but I think my arms ok. Just don't touch it.


~Sandy said...

Oh goodness!!! Bless his heart. I hope it heals quickly. ((hugs))

Mitzi said...

You may have torn ligaments away from your bone-hence the dent in your arm.Keep track of it-don't be a martyr. If it hurts get it taken care of. Good luck.

Janine said...

You guys really have had a medical marathon! I am glad nothing worse happened on the window incident, and I hope your arm is OK too. I guess you are getting a lot of practice staying calm during crisis!

Steve Finnell said...

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