February 05, 2010

History of My Mobile Phones

Back in our early marriage, about 2000 I got my first mobile phone it was a little black flip top.  Not sure what happened to that one, probably just upgraded and moved on to different phones.  Fast forward through three kids and add a fourth.  Not that I am blaming my fourth for the loss of my phones, but ok....lets just say while in his early 2s he sent my phone not once but twice in to the toilet and once over the balcony into a Hawaiian rain storm.  

Fast forward to last month, my phone that I had gotten last year after the balcony rain storm, just kind of died.  Luckily we had a back up phone, one of Erics that he saved for just incase, turned into mine.  Well last week T-Rex found mine to be a little dirty.   I picked up my phone and it was a little slimy and wet.  I turned to the accused and asked "T what did you do with mommy's phone?"

"It dirty, I washed it."

"You washed it?"

"All clean now. Tubby phone." 


So Eric all kind and nice went to Radio Shack and upgraded and signed our life away again for another 2 years.  So me the mom, has had the phone for a few days, um make that one day, and I had it in my scrub pockets at work. 

I was in a hurry to clean a discharge room, washing the toilet, and notice some blood splattered on the back side of the toilet, as I reached to get up back and behind, I head a "krrplunk  splash."  I quickly checked my vocera (my work phone) and it was attached still around my neck.  Then quickly I reached in thinking "Oh Crap!!"  and pulled out my phone. I dried it off, sanatized it, and took it apart.  

It lays in pieces on the counter, heres for praying I didn't T-Rex my phone.


Charly said...

I feel for ya. I had to get a new phone not too long ago because I dropped my old one, tried to catch up which resulted in flipping it up into the air, tried to catch it again and ended up basically slamming it into the ground. It was a slider phone...ended up looking like a flip phone. When I took it to my phone company the girl said, "Wooow. I've never seen anything like this before." Haha!

Cheryl Anne said...

oh no! I hope it dried out!

Shannon said...

Haha! That is so funny. I hope it dries out and works like a charm!

Yvonne said...

I'm so sorry--hope it still works.

Michelle said...

My BFF has a habit of dropping her phones in toilets too. I thank goodness, never had!

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