December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve's Eve

Many moons ago, back in Texas we joined our friends' in their tradition of Christmas Eve's Eve, and haven't stopped since.  The night usually ends in the wee hours of Christmas Eve, leaving small children exhausted all day ready to sleep early so Santa can come.  Though last night we didn't stay up til the wee hours, we had another fun filled Christmas Eve's Eve. 

Me being the party planning, party throwing freak, when my kids begged to invite each a friend and have hundreds   a handful of children over, I actually said "No!" and surprised myself.  I love a big party, don't get me wrong. I enjoy lots of people around. But for some reason I think I have been overwhelmed with parties and lots of people around, and so decided I wanted to keep it simple. Seeing that we have lots of family around and will be gathering with all of my family on Christmas Eve, I decided what better way to spend Christmas Eve's Eve than with Eric's sister's family.

Yes they were that yummy!!!
They joined us for dinner, yummy fajitas made with some smoked beef from last week. Don't worry it had been frozen and if I were truly a cute blogger I would of had my camera out and taken pictures of the food. I must say they all were impressed when I pulled out my egg slicer and "chopped" olives. I don't know where I got the idea, it just hit me, cuz I am clever like that. 

After dinner, we started our Christmas Eve's Eve, ok that is a long name lets just call it CEE, with our name calling, or rather party name giving. You see it wouldn't be a party without party names, right?!  Starting with the youngest, T-Rex aka Party Pooper--his self given name, to oldest Eric aka Party Smoker, we went around the room picking our names.  Though I don't remember many one stuck out and I believe gets the name of the hour Party Penguin Puking Purple....some kind of food starts in P...but ok it has not stuck that well. Anyway after receiving your name, its on to toasts for the New Year...going oldest to youngest.   One toast being to more Family FUNctions! 

Aren't we a good looking bunch? Ok so this is stock photography, and we used styrofoam cups and root beer and Squirt! But you won't tell anyone that this isn't us right?
Then on to the Jump of Joy! yes we stand up jump and shout Joy! Lots of fun!  Again an awesome Picture here would be great!!! 

How about Bee jumping for Joy on the Trampoline....it works for me!

Then dessert with yummy peppermint ice cream and hot fudge!! YUMMY! Oh and can't forget the gumdrop bread, a Norman traditon, and a good one at that!

Kids played hide and seek. Parents tried to make a puzzle. Then Eric pulled out the masa and Tamale Making began....Good one Eric, I think this was the hit of the night. The girls sure had fun making them and my neice N sure was living her Food Network dream, I believe one day we will see her on that show.
N and the Masa!!!
A stirring up some Masa
Bee spreading the Masa onto the corn husk.
We can't wait til next year!!  And are so excited to get together with family tonight for Christmas Eve!! And can you believe it, tomorrow is Christmas and 2012 is just around the corner!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!!!!!!!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good NIGHT!

December 08, 2011

Smiley Cat, Smiley Cat

Ok so I bought these Arm & Hammer kitty litters during the summer. To be honest I totally bought them for the ad on the side FREE ID TAG! But I am so glad they offered that because this stuff rocks! (and no I am not getting paid to post this, though I should, but probably my nine readers wont make a huge difference in their marketing and selling). Anyway, I didn't read the fine print..you need your receipts :) oops...who saves all their grocery receipts, well not me!  Anyway so I cut the proofs off and figured if I included a picture of the cat, the boxes maybe that will count? We shall see! But Anyway I totally love both T-Rex's and Oliver's faces. It looks too me like they are both laughing! It really is sweet! If I could zoom in for you I would~!

On the thumbnail T didn't look so much like he was in pain, he said "Merry Christmas- Happy Birthday Daddy!" today is Eric's birthday! He says he is 2 today so yes now I have 5 young children to raise :) Happy birthday Sweety!!!

December 04, 2011

A little bit of this and that....

I can finally post pictures!! not sure what happened but am excited. Though I just picked some of recent. Kind of a little Photo collage update!!  This below is my new to me head board that I touched up with spray paint!!
Bee did a report on her Grandma coming to the America's after WWII. SHe decided to dress her doll up and put her on a ship like she came in. I was very Impressed by her report.
Thanksgiving has come and gone, we truly had a blast, all of my siblings were in town so we actually were able after 8 years to get a total Ford Family picture! Fun to have the cousins together!

We had several of the cousins sleep over and they had a blast..like that word. I tried to get them all in the air at the same time. but truly love this one of Two, she is smiling so big!
Meet Oliver, our newest addition! He for some reason thinks the Christmas tree is his personal perch. And he often goes "hunting" for ornaments and leaves them in piles.

G getting alittle help decorating the tree!!
Two with her new glasses :) she is and all her siblings got new glasses. Yes 4 of 4 of my kids wear glasses!!

Our most recent family photo, see something missing? yeah so do I but obviously the kind gentleman that took it didn't :) This is why there is no Christmas Card this year...yeah thats my excuse :)

And last but not least my cute kids at Halloween. A ghost, a hula girl, a goblin and a fairy!

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