April 03, 2010

To Be a Kid Again!

I am writing to avoid "beating" my children!  And write down the things that are driving me crazy that would one day I am sure bring laughter and smiles to my face....at least that is what they say....

Lets start with Two...

The other day, after the family movie night at school, we sat in the car waiting for G-Man and Bee to come out with their winning raffel ticket...they came out later, but no winnings. Anyway so Two and T-Rex sat in the car.  Well Two didn't she rolled down the window, stood on the seat and started to wave to passer byers....Then she noticed a group of adult men playing soccer, as she waved she proudly yelled "Hello Spanish People!"  I kind of nudged her and said "Two."  and then she cleared her throat and said very cheerfully "Hello not Spanish people."  I'm not sure if she was correcting herself to be more political correct or making sure the "non Spanish people" felt greeted.

Then today I was sitting on the computer doing my math homework...ok I don't go to school nor do I have homework, I was playing bejeweled blitz and chatting with a friend, when Two calls from the bathroom "Please come wipe my butt!"  I am sure it was several times as I was actively engaged in other things and totally ignoring her.  All of a sudden I notice the calls getting louder, and there standing next to me was Two with her pants around her knees, yelling at me to "come wipe my butt, please!" 

And not too sure if that triggered a thought in T-Rex because all of a sudden he was pantless, holding up a dirty diaper chanting to me "Change me! Change me!" So I got a two for one moment...if you could call it that.

Then my kids as they ran around the house being robots, I quietly...ok probably not quietly, encouraged them to go outside and play.  Two stayed inside, and watched them through her open bedroom window....when all of a sudden I hear a bang, like the sound of a golf ball hitting hardwood floor.  I run to the room to find my older two playing golf through the bedroom window!  Fun game I guess but HELLLOOO! 

Now as I type they are sliding down the stairs using all the pillows in the house....and G-Man said "We put all the pillows against the wall so when we hit our heads it doesn't hurt so much and it makes it sound proof!"  Oh my goodness! 

They are so creative and energetic and at least they entertain themselves....but why isn't it fun to wash all the dishes in the sink??? 

There is more, I know it, but for some reason I am drawing a blank...I guess it is good to put it in the past and have it be forgotten, but whatkind of stories will I have to tell them.....Oh I hear crying....hurt crying??? laughing crying??? Oh my children! 

Oh T-Rex striked again, and submerged my new blackberry into a pitcher of water!  Thanks for the phone bath, at least it was water and twenty four hours later it was good as new.  Eric thinks I go through more phones than anyone he knows, probably true...I don't think three phones since November is that many...Do you???

G-Man has kindly talked our neighbor into giving him some scrap plywood.  Large pieces.  Every day he builds a ramp, mostly covering the front steps.  I love coming home to my front porch looking like a half pipe!  Seriously he is going to break his leg soon! 

Laughter!  Lots of laughter from the stairs, good thing!  Though usually this much laughter is followed by tears....we shall see. 

So I rented and watched Precious last night.  Made me feel better about my parenting, and made me think I am not doing such a bad job.....until I got home from work today and G-Man says to me "Precious isn't a kids movie."

"No its not.  You didn't watch it did you."

"Yeah there was a lot of swearing in it!" 

"Babysitter let you watch the whole thing?"


"It isn't for kids and you weren't suppose to watch it."

"I know they swore a lot in the beginning.  And Bee said 'good thing mom's not like that."

So at least they confirmed that I am not that horrible of a mother but still can't believe someone let my kids watch it, but hopefully  most of it went over their head....but the thing I don't get is how they would of sat through the whole thing........Maybe that is why they have so much energy right now! 

Is it bed time yet?

Who is going to come and do my dishes???

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