April 22, 2010

My Family

My wonderful brother Adam, took this picture ( I actually photographed it) and another picture which I can't seem to find, to make this picture.......
I am just amazed at not only the technology that allows this type of work, but at my brother's amazing artistic ability.  He truely is very talented.  If you don't believe me visit his blog. Adamscreation.blogspot.com

Anyway Thanks ADAM!!!

Speaking of my family, life is moving too fast and I seem to not have time to write down and capture our moments.  Most of you may find me several times a day posting "status updates" via Facebook, and find my poor blog neglected to say the least.  I was looking at my sidebar, feel free to do so, but I went from like 350 posts my first year, to 90 the second year and this year is slowly falling behind. 

Not that I am sad that my commenters and followers have forgotten about me, and don't read me anymore, because well there isn't much to read, but because I am not capturing those daily funny moments that make me laugh, if they aren't making me cry! 

Crying has come easy to me lately, time of year? time of life?  Not sure, just a little over emotional, and no I am not pregnant, since that seems to be a common question for me lately....maybe I need a full length mirror..is my belly bulging? 

Maybe my tumor is just growing....not funny really but "ITs not a tumor"  actually it is but who wants to go there, not me!

How about T-Rex!  Oh my goodness this little boy, if left stranded in the woods for weeks, would survive!  Well if the woods had a freezer and a microwave!  The other night all the other kids were asleep and I was reading  facebook a good book, he came stomping into the front room. 
"Hungry. I hungry. Need to eat."

"time for bed T!"

He walks away, grant it I was in the middle of "something important" and assumed he listened to his mother, like every good two year old, and walked himself back to bed.  Well a few seconds later, I hear the microwave going, and low and behold he found one of my "tv dinners" for work and microwaved it.  He brought it to the table and fed himself some "dinner." He ate most of it so he must of been hungry. 

And now a story to scare my mom, maybe you should plug your ears, or just stop reading...here.....Eric had dropped Two off at preschool and came back home with T-Rex.  Dad and T do their bonding stuff, I don't know watch a little tv, unload the dishwasher...then T starts playing and Eric starts applying for jobs, paying bills, looking over "dad stuff."  When Eric notices our friend pull into the driveway, get out of her car and bring T to the front door.  The little guy had decided that he wanted to go for a walk to G's school!  I am so grateful and lucky that our friend happened to be where she was when she was!  Because as much as this little guy (who is stacking cups and hanging out with me right now) can drive me gray, I just can't imagine not having him with us. 

Mom you can uncover your ears (eyes), T is safe!  The day after this incident I had off from my slave labor job, and it made me realize how much I really want to be home with him, with all of them!  Its been so hard to be away so much, not because I don't trust them in the care of my husband (most days anyway) I just really miss being a stay at home mom!  I miss pulling out my hair because they have unrolled all the toilet papter, dumped a whole bag of flour on the floor, skinned a knew, fought with a sibling, yelled at me that I am the meanest mom!  I miss it all!  It brings tears to my eyes everyday to walk out the door to head to work.

Working isn't hard, I actually enjoy the "break" and on my days off, being with the kids sometimes makes me look forward to going back to cleaning hospital rooms.  But thats not where I want to be.  Anyone who says being a stay at home mom is easy and mindless work, has never done it.  It is by far the hardest thing I have done, but been the thing I have enjoyed more than anything else. 

I am being faced now with the opportunity to possibly work in a different place, with the opportunity to take my kids with me, losing any benefits--that I still haven't received from IHC, and lose a few hours, but I'd be with my kids more and wouldn't have to work Sundays!

Working Sundays has been an adjustment for sure! Heck just working weekends, and working forty hours a week outside the home and then coming home to hug and kiss my husband goodbye and parent alone for the next hours, is wearing on me. 

I am worn out!  I think stressed is more like it. Or rather the stress is wearing me out.  I feel tired! I am sore! I have lumps in places I shouldn't have lumps, I like to call them my little stress bubbles, hoping they go away with the stress that is going to leave soon I am sure. 

Though one thing I know for sure, is I love my family! And appreciate the time I get to spend with them.
G-Man tonight had a square dance at school and I just loved seeing his shyish grin as he danced around in circles....shouldn't it be circle dancing? anyway, he is growing up and so big!  He has a great way of making us laugh too and so protective of his siblings.

Though the other day, I got a call from Eric while I was cleaning the staff bathroom, telling me he had to take Bee to the ER because she split her head open on her scooter.  I quickly put away my cart and headed to the doctors.  To have G tell me what happened. 

"We were riding our bikes and Bee was on the scooter. You should of seen her, she was all riding and hit a rock and she did this flip right over the top of her scooter and landed all funny and I was laughing. Then she stood up and I saw her bleeding and she was crying. I felt so bad. I ran in to tell dad she was hurt. I was so sad for her after I saw how hurt she was, but it was kind of funny to watch her flip." 

And you know the story of what he told her when she was getting the stitches out.

I just really enjoy seeing them get along and interacting....even though some days they don't get along so well.

Bee is having issues though being able to "last" her sister and sharing a bed.  Every night I tuck the two into their double bed they share. And almost every night Bee says "I can't last TWO anymore!"  Whether it is because she is kicking her, singing, or just breathing too loud, she just doesn't want to sleep with her and really wants a bunk bed.  She'd actually like a bunk room, because she'd like her brothers in her room.  I'm not sure how long she would be able to "last" that!  But the girls seem to "last" eachother enough to play dolls, laugh and read books together, so I'm sure its not all bad.   

Then Two, oh sweet Two, its so hard to believe she will be five next month!  I'm just not sure she really is that old!  Every day she crawls into my bed and just hugs me and tells me how much she loves me and how she doesn't want me to leave and go to work. She doesn't want to leave my side.  She makes me smile. I have a hard time leaving her..except when she has gone and hidden in a corner and comes out and says "I just did something bad, and you are going to be very mad."  Is she trying me? Is she tempting me to get mad?   Do kids really think that?

Today we went to a cousins birthday party, and left with little treat bags, which I gave to the kids for the hour drive home, thinking it was harmless....we were driving, not more than ten minutes into the trip when her sweet little voice calls from the back "Mom look in the mirror! Look what I did!" 

I peeked through the rear view mirror and saw chocolate brownie covered hands and face! The little stinker smooshed a brownie all over herself and pants and car seat!  She wanted me to pull over somewhere so she could wash them off, I guess not wanting to stay dirty,  knowing she had almost an hour drive, and all I wanted to do was pullover and leave her on the side of the road...but I used self control. I told her to just wipe her hands on her pants and to lick her fingers until we got home or it was mostly off! Oh the little stinker!  She loves to test my patience!  And I love her!

But in the end, its just our little life moments that bring us together as a family, whether its a little bike accident or a runaway or a brownie car smearing moment, life has a way of photoshopping a family together building our own family history. 


Melissa said...

The pictures are really good. The kiddos are so cute.

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Beautiful pictues and very beautiful family!

Angela said...

Kids do have a way of making a person crazy, but still gotta love them.

Right now I can't wait till my son starts school.

I do agree being a SAHM is some darn hard work, but great.

Thinking of you.

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Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................

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Oh, it's so good to catch up with you! This is a great post, and the pictures are just beautiful! :)

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thx u very much, i learn a lot

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